Nana Mouskouri is 88: Marriages, Regrets, Children, Fortune, Critics...

Happy birthday to Nana Mouskouri, who turns 88 on October 13! Her childhood, her marriages, her regrets, her children, the criticisms she suffered... Secrets and anecdotes of the singer with a voice recognizable among a thousand.

  Nana Mouskouri is 88: Marriages, Regrets, Children, Fortune, Critics...

Nana Mouskouri celebrates its 88 years old October 13! The singer with hundreds of millions of albums sold speaks six languages , has been member of the european parliament from 1995 to 1999 (but stopped this activity to devote himself to music), moved to Switzerland, took part in l' Eurovision ... Always equipped with her charming glasses, the artist has lived a thousand and one lives. Find out everything you (perhaps) didn't know about Nana Mouskouri ...

Nana Mouskouri: How She Discovered Singing

Ioánna Moúskhouri was born on October 13, 1934 in Chania, Crete, raised by a dad who works as projectionist in a cinema and an mother who is there opening . She was only three years old when her family moved to Athens. Ioánna was three years old when her family moved to Athens. While Nazi Germany occupied Greece, his father was part of the resistance movement in Athens.
From her earliest childhood, little Ioánna showed a real artistic flair and excelled in singing. I have to say that her voice is unique , since one of its vocal cords presents a congenital thickening . Her father built her a little transistor radio in which she listened to American songs, and she enjoyed sing in the empty hall of the cinema where his father works.

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Her parents wanted her to be an opera singer.

Nana Mouskouri's parents wanted her to become a real singer . But the future decided otherwise. ' They were sad that I have become popular singer , who began his career in bars and nightclubs. But one day, Mary Callas reassured me: 'It is better that you are a good popular singer than a bad singer'. She asked me to sing her songs from her childhood and it made me happy “, she told the Parisian .

Nana Mouskouri participated in Eurovision

In 1962, when Nana Mouskouri had already traveled well around the world, she recorded in the United States the scrapbook The Girl from Greece Sings , produced by Quincy Jones , then, a year later, she represented Luxembourg in l'Eurovision with his song By dint of praying , which ranks eighth out of sixteen countries.

Nana Mouskouri has been criticized for...

At the start of her career, the singer suffered many criticism for his physique , and especially its binoculars screwed on the nose . ' I was one of the first to wear them and I was often asked to remove them . I've never done it because I'm myopic, it's not for style me . And then it protected me a bit because I'm shy. The glasses over time have become part of my face “, she recalled in the Parisian .

Marriage, divorce and children

Nana Mouskouri marries the musician and producer Georgios Petsilas in 1961 and gave birth to their two children, Nicolas and Hélène Petsilas, nicknamed Lenou. But in 1975, the couple divorce . ' I regret having divorced my two children. But without that, I wouldn't have had a career. My ex-husband wanted to go back to Greece, but I wasn't ready to give up music “, had confided the singer to the Time . Quickly, she falls into the arms of her producer Andre Chapel , with whom she does not marry until decades later … in 2003.

Nana Mouskouri: It's a big regret

Nana Mouskouri regrets not having spent more time with her children , when they were younger. ' I would sit on the sofa and while they were playing, I would fall asleep… And the next day I took the plane to sing . I wanted to have children, but maybe I was a little unconscious ', she said on The sofa by Marc-Olivier Fogiel.

She is one of the Swiss fortunes

With his husband producer , she moved to Switzerland and in 2007 entered the list of the 300 richest people domiciled in Switzerland, with an estimated fortune between 100 and 200 million Swiss francs .

Nana Mouskouri is polyglot

Nana Mouskouri speaks no less of six languages , Greek (his mother tongue), French, Spanish, German, English and Italian.

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She will 'never stop'

The singer does not count bow out anytime soon. At least, not before he breathed his last. ' I think that I will never stop . Josephine Baker fell on leaving the stage... She's a very beautiful death . I don't want to die on stage, because it's very hard for the public who loves you, but in the backstage ...I would like to leave before the people I love “, she had confided to the Parisian .