Nana Mouskouri in bad shape and cloistered at home? The singer is 'very weak'

She is due to turn 88 on October 13. However, the singer Nana Mouskouri, the most French of the Greek singers, would not have the morale. Nor the physical form. So much so that she wouldn't want to leave her house anymore.

  Nana Mouskouri in bad shape and cloistered at home? The singer is"très affaiblie"

But what happens to Nana Mouskouri? The 87-year-old singer, who will blow out a new candle in a few weeks, has been very discreet in recent years … and is plagued by dark thoughts! According to information from the magazine France Sunday , in its edition of Friday, September 23, 2022, the artist would be very tired morally and physically.

Nana Mouskouri: What is her state of health?

Lost this little spark that makes each day sweeter, forgotten this desire to want and get up every morning with a serene heart. Nana Mouskouri just doesn't want it anymore. According France Sunday , the artist' very weakened, would hardly leave her home in Geneva ' . But how could we blame him? After more than two years of an interminable and anxiety-provoking health crisis, fate has dogged the interpreter of Pleasing love . Recently, she lost a very dear friend: a void impossible to fill after so many years of friendship. What to start his morale, while his physical form declines as for any woman of her age.

Nana Mouskouri: Inconsolable since the death of her great friend

Very well known in Italy, Irène Papas has appeared in internationally successful films, such as Zorba le Grec (1964), again giving the reply to Richard Burton or Kirk Douglas. The one who ' personified Greek beauty on screen and on stage “, to use a quote from Lina Mendoni, Greek Minister of Culture, was a lifelong friend of Nana Mouskouri. A stainless friendship, one that grows over the years. he actress died on September 14, leaving Nana Mouskouri alone to her grief. ' Nana Mouskouri would have witnessed the long decline of her friend, to whom she had dedicated a song entitled Erini in 1968'. further specifies the weekly. Erini meaning Irene in Greek...

Nana Mouskouri no longer wants to sing!

Visibly undermined by the successive confinements linked to the health crisis, Nana Mouskouri no longer wants to sing, as she confided to the Progress in 2021 : ' With all that is happening, the news, it does not make you want to sing. Because singing is also an exchange, a sharing of feelings ' . Further specifying: The situation is so sad with the health crisis that we have gone through on a global scale, that the desire was no longer there. .' If the desire is no longer there, the love is still there. She can count on the presence and comfort of her husband André Chapelle. As a couple since the 1970s, the singer and her producer took the time to say yes to each other, celebrating their marriage in... 2003. A major support, wishing her to find again the desire to ' sing life '...