Najoua, globe-trotting candidate for the Best Pastry Chef 2022

The Best Pastry Chef 2022 welcomes Najoua, a talented candidate with an impressive career. She could well make Cyril Lignac and Mercotte travel…

  Najoua, globe-trotting candidate for the Best Pastry Chef 2022

Desires elsewhere? Discover Najoua, candidate adventurer of this new season of Best Pastry Chef.

What is Najoua's background?

Resident of Courbevoie, near Paris, Najoua travels all over the world. At 29, the foreign affairs consultant already has quite a career behind her. A former diplomat from the Quai d'Orsay, she worked in New York where she represented France at the United Nations on Human Rights and humanitarian affairs in countries in crisis. Impressive missions. Defending and promoting the values ​​of France, she knows how to do, but it is not her only talent. Although she is passionate about her work, Najoua also loves cooking. She has been baking for 10 years already, and her whole family enjoys it. When she was a child, her parents owned a fruit and vegetable store, which she could enjoy without moderation, and she intends to pay homage to them through her cakes in the best pastry chef . Beneath her calm demeanor, the young woman could amaze with her audacity. A lover of thrilling activities, she seems hermetic to fear. Will she take risks in front of the jury of the show? A candidate with strong potential, ambitious and determined to go as far as possible in the competition. A 'real ray of sunshine', according to his co-candidates!

His world of pastry

Najoua is of Moroccan origin. It was there that his parents met and fell in love, before coming to France. Today it is important for her to pay tribute to her country of origin, to her roots. The pastry chef therefore uses flavors from Morocco in her gourmet creations. His universe logically includes oriental pastries, good pistachio cakes, but also beautiful fruit tarts. Strawberry, fig cake, lemon pie meringue… Good fresh and seasonal desserts! Najoua had fun revisiting Maud's vanilla nectarine summer pie from season 10 of the Best Pastry Chef. You can taste a sweet almond paste, an almond cream with pieces of nectarines, a confit of yellow and white nectarines, a whipped vanilla ganache, and small quarters of fresh fruit for indulgence. And this follower of “tea time” is not outdone when it comes to chocolate, between fondant cupcakes and cheesecake oreo Nutella. This jack-of-all-trades also shares her homemade Christmas cookies and buns. And she could surprise with her cake design technique, impressive and well decorated cakes.

What is Najoua's Instagram for Best Pastry Chef?

South are compte Instagram @najoua.lmp11 , Najoua shares her recipes and culinary experiences but also her travels, like the good globetrotter that she is. From Tanzania to Spain via New York, Cairo, Uzbekistan, Mauritania, Alsace or Paris, you will go around the world!