Naïs Pirollet wins the prize for the best children's menu at the Bocuse d'Or 2023

Naïs Pirollet, French candidate for the Bocuse d'Or 2023, won the prize for the best 'Feed the kids' menu. Check out his reaction.

  Naïs Pirollet wins the prize for the best children's menu at the Bocuse d'Or 2023

Naïs Pirollet did not leave empty-handed. If the young chief representative of France in Bocuse d'Or 2023 did not make it to the final podium, she and her team won the special jury prize for concocting the best squash menu for kids.

Only old 25 years, the young chef already has a good career. In this still very masculine environment, Naïs Pirollet has found her place for several years, in particular by being part of the Davy Tissot, winner of Bocuse d'Or in 2020. Today, she is the worthy successor and is promised a brilliant future in gastronomy.

Biography of Naïs Pirollet

Naïs Pirollet is a young chef from Briançon, in the Hautes-Alpes. In 2017, she released major of promotion of l'Institut Paul Bocuse , and began his career at the application restaurant Seasons , before continuing with an experience with the starred chef David Allain , in Paris. She held the position of second in the kitchen there for two years, before joining the Team France du Bocuse d'Or. At the time, she supported the French candidate Davy Tissot in the development of recipes during the competition. The chef and his team also won the Bocuse d'Or 2020.

The Bocuse d'Or? A real challenge for Naïs Pirollet

Based on this first experience, Naïs Pirollet decides to stand on its own two feet and launches itself into the competition. 'The Bocuse d'Or is a competition that I have always dreamed of, but which I had never considered possible' , confides Naïs Pirollet to the Fine Dining Lovers website. “During the last preparation times for the 2021 final, I had the opportunity to register as a candidate for the French selections. I told myself that I didn't have much to lose and that it was a great challenge.'

Naïs Pirollet did well since she won the French selection in November 2021, ahead of more experienced chefs such as Jérôme Schilling and Julien Guénée. She thus becomes the first woman to represent France at the Bocuse d'Or. Naïs Pirollet then qualified during the European selections, which took place in Budapest, Hungary in March 2022. She will therefore defend the colors of France during the big f world final of the Bocuse d'Or, in January 2023 in Lyon on the sidelines of Sirha.

Does Naïs Pirollet have a restaurant?

For the moment, Naïs Pirollet is concentrating on the Bocuse d'Or competition, which will end in January 2023. In parallel with her training, the young chef works for the Institut Paul Bocuse with chef Davy Tissot among others, and honors its commitments to Team France and the partners who allow it to participate in this competition. It remains to be seen whether Naïs Pirollet will then continue her career in other restaurants or whether she will set up her own establishment.

What is Naïs Pirollet's Instagram?

Like all young chefs, @naispirollet is a connected cooker! The young woman shares with her subscribers her adventures within the Team France du Bocuse d'Or , but also his encounters with the greatest chefs such as Anne-Sophie Pic , Jérôme Banctel and Laurent Petit. So to follow the adventures and promising career of Naïs Pirollet, you know what you have to do!