Nadine Trintignant is 88 years old: True Name, Great Love, Death of her daughters Marie and Pauline and of her husband...

Nadine Trintignant celebrates her 88th birthday on November 11. Her real name, her beginnings in the cinema, the infidelities of Jean-Louis Trintignant, the terrible death of Marie Trintignant after the loss of a baby, the death of her husband who 'mutilated' her... a courageous filmmaker and writer.

  Nadine Trintignant is 88 years old: True Name, Great Love, Death of her daughters Marie and Pauline and of her husband...

Nadine Trintignant celebrates her 87th birthday the 11th of November. Unfortunately, the filmmaker was not spared the trials of life and experienced many bereavements . She has lost her baby , who died at nine months, but also his daughter Marie Trintignant , died under the blows of Bertrand Cantat , and was ' mutilated 'by the loss of her husband, her great love, Alain Corneau . But she was able to get up with dignity, find the courage to continue to live, to exist. Her journey, her secrets, her moments of distress and great joy... A look back at the life of Nadine Trintignant, full of vicissitudes.

Nadine Trintignant: her real name

Lucienne Marquand , of her real name, was born on November 11, 1934 raised by actor parents , Jean-Georges Marquand and Lucienne-Fernande Cornilliat, and alongside five brothers and sisters. Two of them become actors , just like their parents, Christian and Serge.

Nadine Trintignant wanted to be 'free' financially

Ahead of her time, Nadine Trintignant fought in her youth to be financially independent . ' I believed in true love (...) but in case that didn't happen, I wanted to be free to leave no questions asked “, she confided in Everybody talks about it . Thanks to her actor brother, she landed an internship at LTC, a film copy printing laboratory. She gains in responsibilities over the years and becomes head editor at 24 and made his first film in 1967, at 33, My love, my love .

Nadine Trintignant: marriage and death of her daughter Pauline

In 1961, Nadine Trintignant marries actor and racing driver Jean-Louis Trintignant . Together they have three children, Marie , born in 1962, Pauline , who was born in 1969 but died only nine months later after suffocating while drinking a bottle, and Vincent , now 48 years old.

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Nadine Trintignant has forgiven Jean-Louis Trintignant for his infidelities

But after several years of marriage, Jean-Louis Trintignant is unfaithful . In particular, it maintains a connection with Romy Schneider , whereas his wife is pregnant with Vincent . But with hindsight, Nadine Trintignant is not overly angry with the racing driver or the actress of Sissi the Empress . ' I didn't get much credit for telling him ' Romy is great '. First, I really liked Romy. Romy was really a very beautiful, intelligent, charming woman. I was like, 'Maybe she can make you happy.' We couldn't make ourselves happy anymore “, she explained in C to you . spouses separate so.

Her second husband Alain Corneau was 'the dream of her fourteen years'

After his divorce with Jean-Louis Trintignant, director and screenwriter spouse in 1988 the filmmaker Alain Corneau , who adopts her children Marie and Vincent. Their couple is particularly strong. ' For us, it was Alain and Nadine. Never one without the other . When I came to spend an afternoon with her, our conversation naturally stopped when Alain came home, because they were going to monopolize each other. They only longed to be together “, remembered a friend of the couple in Paris Match . ' When Alain crossed my path, I met the dream of my fourteen years “, she had also written in the book Towards other mornings .

Nadine Trintignant: her opinion on abortion

In 1971, this feminist at heart signed with great conviction the ' Manifesto of the 343 ', in favor of l' abortion , published by The New Obs. In the past, she was part of the international communist organization .

Nadine Trintignant: the terrible death of her daughter Marie

On the night of July 26 to 27, 2003, Nadine Trintignant's life changed forever. A violent disputes occurs between his daughter Marie and her companion, Bertrand Cantat , about a message just sent to her by her husband Samuel Benchetrit , from which it is separated. Mad with rage, the member of the group Noir Désir hit twenty times , then, after a few hours, contacts his brother Vincent Trintignant to let him know that his sister is unconscious. It's only in the morning that she's taken to hospital , in the coma. Despite numerous attempts by doctors, Nadine Trintignant died on August 1, 2003 .
' They had that she no longer loved him . I'm sure in the morning she told him it was over “, had declared his director of mother in Exclusive inquiry .

Nadine Trintignant: tender secrets about her daughter Marie

But Nadine Trintignant prefers to keep only happy memories. She remembers that his daughter was very tender ' with her and her father. ' It was a real dream. She was cute all the time , and she also idealized us a little “, she remembered in C to you . One day when she took her to see Donkey Skin in the cinema as a child, Marie Trintignant had asked him: ' Why doesn't Peau d'Âne marry his father?'. A remark that made the filmmaker laugh. 'I liked it. It doesn't matter, she was small (...) It proved that, for her, there were no barriers (...) I found that it was free . I like freedom. And freedom in his child, it's beautiful “, she recounted.

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Nadine Trintignant, 'mutilated' by the death of her husband

In 2010, Nadine Trintignant had to face a new mourning . they are mari Alain Corneau dies from lung cancer on the night of August 29-30. He is buried in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery , with his adopted daughter Marie Trintignant . ' What I experience as an injustice is the lack of the flesh of my flesh: my two daughters and you. I am mutilated . And like those whose leg has been cut off, but that limb still hurts, I hurt you. To them ', she wrote in her book. Towards other mornings , released in 2012.