Mylène Farmer forced to leave her house at Villa Montmorency? Revelations about his supposed move...

In 2019, after multiple neighborhood conflicts because of her dogs, Mylène Farmer separated from her villa in the chic 16th arrondissement of Paris and settled in the western suburbs. The magazine 'Public' revealed that the singer has acquired a villa in Saint-Cloud.

  Mylène Farmer forced to leave her house at Villa Montmorency? Revelations about his supposed move...

Non, Mylène Farmer no longer lives in Paris. The singer sold her apartment in the very chic 16th arrondissement of Paris several years ago to settle in the western suburbs, in the commune of Saint-Cloud , popular place for stars. End of life the villa Montmorency - a secure space with guard and barrier, impossible to access without an invitation - a stone's throw from the Bois de Boulogne, where she had resided for more than 20 years.

In 2019, the interpreter of the tube Disenchanted put down your suitcases on the other side of the ring road, in the Hauts-de-Seine, and choose a charming house. But for what reasons did Mylène Farmer abandon her Parisian pied-à-terre?

Mylène Farmer fired: what happened?

A neighborhood dispute is believed to be the cause of this move. Indeed, neighbors have repeatedly complained about the star's two dogs, especially during general meetings. According to information from the magazine Public , a dog, whose identity of the owner remains a mystery, would have attacked in particular the postwoman . One drop too many?

A tension and mistrust that had pushed Mylène Farmer left the 16th arrondissement of Paris with her two Swiss shepherds - or rather was forced to pack up. Indeed, the decision would have been recorded in February 2020 at a general meeting. Today, the 61-year-old singer has new (rather) famous neighbours. Indeed, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Jean Dujardin, Sonia Rolland or even the Le Pens, who own a mansion in the park of Montretout, live in this upscale area.

A new house with character for Mylène Farmer

What does her new cozy nest look like? Mylène Farmer would have succumbed to the charm of a mansion dating from the 19th century , nestled in the heart of a 2000m2 estate in the Montretout district. A steep corner, between the Golf de Paris and the national domain of Saint-Cloud. Images have leaked on the Web, in particular on the site of house diary , which takes photos originally published in the pages of a special issue of France Sunday .

The real estate agency Kretz and Partners described in the description of its advertisement that the house stands on three floors, with a double living room and a garden on the ground floor, a master suite and bathroom with a view of the Eiffel Tower on the first floor. On the second and last floor, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a Home cinema. All the comfort for Mylène Farmer and her two doggies!

What news for Mylène Farmer?

The singer is also talking about her because of her return to the spotlight. Indeed, the singer must release a new album entitled The influence November 25. A major poster campaign even took place in the metro. Last September, Mylène Farmer uploaded the clip of her new song entitled For ever .

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As a reminder, the singer must also go on tour in June with the show Nevermore 2023 , which will pass through several stars from Paris to Nantes via Brussels or Geneva.