Mylène Farmer: Breakup, move, 'few relatives' ... confidences and details about her private life

On the occasion of the release, on November 25, of 'L'Emprise', her new album, Thierry Suc, the manager of Mylène Farmer since her debut, made rare confidences about the singer during an interview granted to the 'Parisian'.

  Mylène Farmer: Breakup, move,"peu de proches"... confidences et détails sur sa vie privée

After more than forty years of career, the icon of French song, Mylène Farmer, out Friday, November 25 The influence , his latest album . On this occasion, The Parisian devotes a five-part investigation to the most mysterious of stars. The daily went to meet the relatives of the 61-year-old singer, who is particularly secretive about her private life, and who is conspicuous by her absence in the media and on social networks. Mylène Farmer Does she have friends ? We have the answer.

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Mylène Farmer, her new home on the heights of Saint-Cloud

' Mylène Farmer has also made a new start in her private life (…) She broke up with Benoît Di Sabatino , animated film producer met in 2002 on the set of his music video It's a beautiful day' , can we read in the columns of the Parisian who devotes the last part of his investigation to the life led by the star today. We learn in particular that the singer, after having lived for more than twenty years in villa Montmorency in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, chose to move into a bourgeois house in villa Montretout , on the heights of Saint-Cloud.

Mylène Farmer, a star who has difficulty granting her friendship?

Asked by the daily, the manager of the singer who records all album sales records, confided in the life of his protege far from the spotlight. ' She has very few relatives. When she trusts, it's forever, but she takes time to give access to her privacy “, says Thierry Suc, who also explains that the singer gives a big place in her life to her pets, and in particular to her dog, a Swiss Shepherd, and her cats.

Mylène Farmer, these celebrities who are part of her close friends

New resident of this upscale district of Saint-Cloud where many French personalities live, Mylène Farmer has for neighbor Jean Dujardin , with whom she would have become friends; it must be said that the beautiful redhead adores the cinema, herself having tried the profession of actress on a few occasions, in particular in Ghostland . It is in an elegant house that she receives a handful of old friends. ' Vincent Lindon , whom she has known since the Cours Florent, the writer and producer Nathalie Rheims, the dancer Aziz Baki, who has accompanied her since the clip Time in 2011, and more recent ones, such as the photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino, the actress Melanie Laurent and actor Tahar Rahim, whom she met on the Cannes Film Festival 2021 jury ', details The Parisian .

A simple life far from the star-system

Thierry Suc also told the journalist from Parisian that the interpreter of the tubes XXL , Libertine , Without counterfeit or Monkey Me lives his life like Mr. or Mrs. everyone who goes to the cinema, to the restaurant, to concerts or to see exhibitions. ' She is curious, very curious. Sometimes, I ask her the series she has seen and she quotes me five of them . She likes to read a lot, sees a lot of movies , she needs to feed on all that, it's the very essence of an artist “, he explains.