Mylène Demongeot: the only man in her life, how she came close to death... Her secrets

Mylène Demongeot came very close to death... But, against all odds, she celebrated her 87th birthday on September 29! Her passion for Didier Raoult, her fight against illness, the question of motherhood, scams and poverty: discover the secrets of the actress who marked an entire generation.

  Mylene Demongeot: l'unique homme dans sa vie, comment elle a frôlé la mort... Ses secrets

Mylene Demongeot turns 87 on September 29. Amazing resilience, the interpreter of Abigail in The Witches of Salem endured many hardships. Of the death of his great love , to his fight against cancer, to the scam of which she was the victim and her terrible contamination au coronavirus . Despite everything, the actress never lost her smile. Optimistic by nature, the actress, who continues to invest the film sets, prefers to remember the joie intense moments that she lived... Because they were all the same numerous! (Re)discover the career and secrets of the passionate actress...

She was spotted thanks to a photo

Mylène Demongeot, born to a French father and a Ukrainian mother, took her first steps in the film industry in the 1950s. a snapshot of her , taken by his companion at the time, the photographer Henri Coste, who revealed it to Raymond Rouleau. He gives her one of the main roles for they are film The Witches of Salem , next to Simone Signoret and Yves Montand. Here is a start on the hats of wheels!

Bullied as a child

Mylène Demongeot knows the glory and the success in the cinema. Admired by all, the actress can take her revenge on life and particularly on her classmates who dragged her through the mud , as a child. ' As I was cross-eyed as a child, children terrified me, I was very violently harassed “, she told us.

She knew mad love, the one and only

When his friend, the photographer Serge Beauvarlet, speaks to him for the first time about a certain Marc Simon , son of the writer Georges Simenon, Mylène Demongeot sends him on the roses. ' He's a stupid daddy's boy “, she blurts out, convinced that she has no common ground with him. Several times, they cross paths… and ignore each other. the lovebirds have the click . ' It will immediately become obsessive (...) And then I have to confess that our bodies matched perfectly . It's a bit like that, the magic of love “, she told the Figaro .

Mylène Demongeot has also never been able to find mad love, after the death of his dear and tender , which occurred in 1999, after a fall down the stairs . ' I stayed true to her all my life . I was so good with him. I met him when I was 27, I stayed with him for 35 years. But I didn't take another. Anyway, one man was enough for me “, she told the Women's Diary .

His great love was an alcoholic

Unfortunately, Marc Simenon had many flaws, the most terrible being his fondness for the bottle . ' He blew my mind, but I spent wonderful years with him! Because of its fragility and whimsical character, it is fell into alcohol “, told us the interpreter of Abigail in The Witches of Salem .

His Noah's Ark

Mylène Demongeot lived in a residence that looked like a real zoo alongside Marc Simenon. In his work Crazy Love , published in 2019, by Michel Lafon editions, the actress says that the lovebirds have owned a snake, mongooses, a lion, an owl, a fox, dogs, cats … Nothing to get bored of!

She was a feminist before her time

Mylène Demongeot may well be madly in love with Marc Simenon , she never allowed herself to be led on. ' The first time Marc asked me to iron his shirt, I took the iron and let it burn on his shirt saying, ' Don't ask me that stuff ' (laughs). I'm willing to share the tasks, but it's out of the question for me to do everything ', she told us.

And for good reason, the actress was raised by a mother who took her destiny into her own hands : ' My mother struggled all her life to the emancipation of women . She saw her own mother, a Ukrainian of 'poor conditions' doing the housework and suffering from her repeated abortions. She told herself that she wouldn't be like that. She left Ukraine and went to Shanghai, tried to become independent '.

She fought cancer

Mylene Demongeot has battled cancer in secret, in 2019. It was only after she recovered that the actress revealed on Facebook that she had been sick. She had even posted a photo of short hair.

Posted by Mylene Demongeot on Sunday January 26, 2020

Why she didn't have children

Mylène Demongeot never had children. A choice she does not regret. ' I almost had children with my first husband (Henri Coste, editor's note), but since he wanted me to have a career, he gave me an abortion twice . If I had gotten pregnant with Marc, maybe I would have liked to be a mother… But it didn't happen that way. And then, I said to myself that if a kid got between us, that would piss me off ', she told us.

Fan... of Professor Raoult

The actress has also been contaminated with coronavirus in April 2020 . At 84 years old and in remission from cancer, Mylène Demongeot was rather poorly endowed to fight the virus. ' The doctors did not see me spending the week. I was somewhere between life and death “, she confided in West France .

Fortunately, the actress was cured thanks to a treatment based on hydroxychloroquine . Suffice to say that she is now full of gratitude for the Professor Raoult … ' I almost died but I pulled through beautifully thanks to the treatment of the teacher . I'm ready to shout it everywhere because I see that we bother him like it's not allowed: but I owe him my life, and someone who saves your life, we say thank you, so thank you professor Raoult “, she dropped into the microphone of RTL .

Mylène Demongeot is not vaccinated

The actress is not not vaccinated against coronavirus . ' Since I'm allergic to a lot of things, I can't get vaccinated. Suddenly, I am a bit at war with everyone “, she explained to France Sunday, in January 2022.

She is ruined

Mylène Demongeot was the unfortunate victim of a scammer . In 2012, she entrusted two million euros , all his savings, to a wealth advisor, but this one lent this sum to others, according to the model of the Ponzi pyramid. Mylène Demongeot's account was used to fund some of her clients, potentially Isabelle Adjani , Magloire or even Samy Naceri , who were unaware of the scam.

Although the trickster was arrested by the Bercy anti-money laundering organization, Mylène Demongeot has still not not seen the color of his money . ' Since this case, I learned to tighten my belt, I now live in Paris in a 35 m² apartment. I didn't think that at my age, I should deprive myself, gold I now count my money “, she confided to Paris here .