Mylène Demongeot disappointed in the face of cancer: in full relapse, what is this new treatment she is following?

Mylène Demongeot revealed in the columns of the magazine 'France Dimanche' the relapse of her peritoneal cancer. The 87-year-old actress, upset with the disease, opens up about her treatment.

  Mylène Demongeot disappointed in the face of cancer: in full relapse, what is this new treatment that'elle suit ?

Actress Mylène Demongeot made a sad announcement in an interview with our colleagues from France Sunday published this Friday, October 7, 2022. She reveals that after fighting her peritoneal cancer several times, his illness returned. The actress, who is celebrating her 87th birthday, has started treatment again and is testing a new treatment to try to overcome this pathology once and for all.

How did Mylène Demongeot discover her cancer relapse?

In the month of May 2022 , the actress went to her routine visit because she has to do check-ups several times a year ' and there... crash! It was gone again “, she says in the columns of France Sunday. She adds : ' However, I was going there with confidence, before I was told of the recurrence' . The news undermines his morale, ' it's still a hell of a crap this thing ' confides Mylène Demongeot, but she does not let herself be defeated and decides to resume treatment against the cancer .

A new treatment to fight his peritoneal cancer

Because of her multiple recurrences, Mylène Demongeot knows all too well the undesirable effects of therapy sessions. chemotherapy . After restarting this treatment, she explains: ' J I was so exhausted that I implored my doctors to stop everything. Of course you are trying to heal me, I told them, but at the same time you are killing me! I couldn't take it anymore ' . The actress then turns to another protocol, she experiments with immunotherapy . This treatment only requires sessions once every three weeks and not weekly sessions” and above all that does not exhaust you like chemo ' she adds.

Mylène Demongeot has a lot of hope in these new treatments: ' So I'm crossing my fingers. I would love for it to work, to stop relapsing every six months. “She states that immunotherapy” is a younger and much less invasive technique 'and at least, between two sessions' you live, you're pretty well, let's say that you are not completely handicapped by this immense fatigue which knocks you down '.

Mylène Demongeot has been fighting cancer for years

The 87-year-old actress ( Campsite, Retirement home ...) had revealed for the first time to be suffering from cancer of the peritoneum in 2020. Always to our colleagues from France Sunday , she confided that she had overcome the disease in 2019 and she had already taken the chemo sessions badly, her hair ' began to fall in handfuls, if you had seen that, it was abominable. 'She also said to be' physically hated '. They are cancer to recurred a second time in 2021. At the time, she had meant to France Sunday : ' The doctor told me that it remains dormant in the body and that it can come back, from time to time '. In January this year, the actress rejoiced in the columns of the same newspaper after having fought cancer a second time...