'My stepson yells at me if...': Léa Salamé and her new daily life at home, everything she has changed

Léa Salamé confided in 'Le Parisien' published this Tuesday, November 8, how she has adapted her way of life to face the challenges of ecology. And her 11-year-old son-in-law is keeping watch, the journalist revealed.

  'My son-in-law'engueule si..." : Léa Salamé et son nouveau quotidien à la maison, tout ce qu'elle a changé

Recognized journalist, Lea Salame takes nothing for granted. Especially when it comes to the environment. Tuesday, November 8, she hosts on France 2 the show Citizens trees , an evening devoted to ecology alongside journalist Hugo Clément. The opportunity to talk about your own civic engagement in the columns of the newspaper The Parisian , released on Tuesday.

Léa Salamé: converted ecologist, her daily gestures at home

The public service journalist said she has taken several steps to reduce her impact on the environment. “I really changed a year ago” , she said. 'I have drastically reduced my meat consumption , going from two to three times a week to once every ten days, she detailed. Is prefer the train as much as possible , I plan to buy an electric or hybrid car . At home, we pay more attention to the lights, to unplugging the wifi. I don't let the water run anymore when I brush my teeth.'

And the kids keep an eye out! 'Children are more awake than us on the environment, it's encouraging' , she rejoiced. The son-in-law of Léa Salamé does not hesitate to call her to order when she fails in her duty. The 43-year-old journalist gave more confidences about Alexandre Glucksmann, son of her companion Raphaël Glucksmann. The MEP had a son in 2011 from his previous union with Ukrainian Eka Zgouladze, whom he married in 2009. 'My 11-year-old son-in-law yells at me if I waste or waste' , said Léa Salamé. At only 11 years old, little Alexandre is very committed to the environment! And the teenager can be reassured: his dad has planned to 'donate during the show' , as her stepmom revealed.

Yannick Noah and Marion Cotillard sponsors of the show

One thing is certain, Alexandre Glucksmann will be in front of his television screen at 8:45 p.m. this Tuesday evening, to watch Citizens trees ! . And for the environment, many personalities got involved. Thereby, the show is sponsored by the singer Yannick Noah and actress Marion Cotillard. Many specialists or representatives of associations will speak, including paleoclimatologist Valérie Masson-Delmotte, biologist Gilles Bœuf, and activist Camille Étienne.

Finally, Léa Salamé will cross paths with Cyril Dion , called for co-presentation. And the presenter knows him well: she had received him in We are not in bed in 2015 for the release of his film tomorrow . An interview that had made the buzz, the journalist having fun with the film on ecology 'full of good feelings' . An outing for which she later apologized on France Inter : 'I regretted this moment when I used easy cynicism, you managed to operate my moult' , she had confessed.

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