Muriel Robin is 67 years old: Family secret, Love with Catherine Lara, Marriage, Suicide attempt...

Muriel Robin turns 67 on August 2. Her family secret, her 'sublimissime story' with Catherine Lara, her marriage, her desires for motherhood, her suicide attempt... What you didn't know (perhaps not) about the actress and comedian...

  Muriel Robin is 67 years old: Family secret, Love with Catherine Lara, Marriage, Suicide attempt...

Muriel Robin turns 67 this August 2. A talented comedian, a committed woman, she is also a renowned actress , who had to take on sometimes particularly heavy roles, such as that of a woman with Alzheimer's, in the TV movie The First Forgotten , or that of Jacqueline Sauvage, in fiction Jacqueline Sauvage: It was him or me . Today well in her skin and at ease in her sneakers, Muriel Robin had to struggle for a long time to accept herself and fully live her sexuality. His beginnings , are family secret , are spouse , his romance with catherine lara , in attempted suicide , his desires to maternity ...

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  • She grew up raised by her parents, Antoine Robin and Aimée Rimbaud, shoe merchants , place Saint-Pierre in Montbrison, in the Loire. Muriel Robin has two sisters, Nydia et Martine .
  • Behind the existence of Muriel Robin hides a real family secret . The comedian was born from a liaison between his mother and a fairground merchant of Armenian origin, Jacques Amalian, and only discovered the truth fifty years later, shortly after the death of the one who gave him life.
  • In her youth, the bubbly and party girl teenager dreams of becoming a singer . She failed her baccalaureate twice, then, hesitant about the future, she briefly became shoe saleswoman in his parents' store. Passionate about comedy, Muriel Robin tries everything and decides to pack up to study dramatic art at Cours Florent . She passed the entrance examination to the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Paris with flying colors and studied there for three years.
  • It is thanks to his friend met in the capital, the director Roger Louret , that Muriel Robin joined the troupe Les Baladins en Agenais in the early 1980s. There, she notably met Elie Semoun and Annie Grégorio. But it was in 1988, in the comedy show the class , created by Guy Lux, that Muriel Robin is really starting to get noticed by the public.
  • Her talent confirmed, she participates in the writing and staging of shows, in particular They love each other , which Pierre Palmade plays with Michele Laroque , and who was nominated for the Molière for best one man show or sketch show, in 1997. She co-wrote and directed the rest of the show, They loved each other , and officiates at the staging of Elijah and Semoun , by Elie Semoun, in 1998.
  • At the end of the 1980s, Muriel Robin saw a romance with singer Catherine Lara . ' With Muriel, who is an exceptional being, I experienced a sublime story (...) But we were a bit like two roosters in a chicken coop and maybe not totally in sync. We each had a long way to go. We are now best friends and she is also very happy on her side, but our separation was painful “, had confided the interpreter of Magical Night , in his book Between Emoi and Me .
  • In 2009, Muriel Robin settled down with the actress, 16 years her junior, Anne Le Nen . They get married in 2021 in Rueuil-Malmaison, facing around twenty relatives and the comedian's dear friend, Line Renaud , who even takes on the role of witness .
  • Muriel Robin rarely talks about her intimate life , but claims to have already been in a relationship with men . ' I can go with men, with women, and I happen to be happiest with a woman. “, she confided to C to you .
  • Muriel Robin does not see herself as ' homosexual '.' I couldn't say I was gay since it wasn't true. It was very complicated and not as clear as that. And I would even say, we have the right to laugh, I think that i am not gay , but really. But I met Anne. And I believe that it will be with her that I will end my life “, she explained on the set of Sunday Earthlings.
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  • The actress, who played The Vagina Monologues in 2018, should have participated in this play much earlier in his career...but had first refused this opportunity . ' As I was not very well in my homosexuality , I never imagined having posters in Paris with my name and the against 'vagina' . I feared that in promo people would ask me: 'So you, Muriel, as a homosexual, why The Vagina Monologues?' It was too much! When I heard the word 'homosexuality' I turned all red , I was so uncomfortable. I lived it very badly. Now it's over, but it hasn't been that long “, she explained to the World .
  • The comedian has never had children ... but regret it. ' When you don't have children, it's hard to get up for yourself every morning (...) I was pregnant once , I had a miscarriage. Today, I often think about it. I would have a big boy or a big girl, my life would have been completely different. Besides, I believe that I am terribly maternal . Next time I will take the option ' life with child ' “, she explained to the Parisian . She is all the same the happy mistress of a little dog named Poupy , Australian Shepherd, born in April 2021.
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  • A committed artist, she is part of the troupe of the Enfoirés for Les Restos du cœur, of which she was the godmother until 2007. In 2001, she worked with the journalist Marine Jacquemin for the realization of French Medical Institute for Children in Kabul (IMFE) in Afghanistan, which resulted in the establishment of a hospital in 2005. She also campaigns for the Women's Foundation , which defends women's rights.
  • In 2018, Muriel Robin interprets an emblematic and moving role, that of Jacqueline Sauvage , in the fiction broadcast on TF1, Jacqueline Sauvage: It was him or me , produced by Yves Rénier. This feature film inspired by the case that arose following the murder of Norbert Marot, violent husband of Jacqueline Sauvage, enabled the first channel to captivate no less than 7.7 million viewers, or 33.5% of share. of hearing. This role pushes Muriel Robin to commit even more against domestic violence .
  • Muriel Robin who played a woman with Alzheimer's in the TV movie The First Forgotten , lived closely the suffering of this disease, since his own mother was affected by it. ' As a helper, you have to protect yourself. We are sucked in. Me, I was sucked up to make a attempted suicide . I don't know if it's the day before or the day after my mother's death. In any case, it didn't work out, but we could have been two from “, she had told the microphone d 'Europe 1 .