Murder of Vanesa, 14: 5 things to know about this case, Romain Chevrel main suspect

The body of Vanesa, 14, was found last Friday in an abandoned house in Birac-sur-Trec, Lot-et-Garonne. The young girl would have been raped, before being killed by her attacker. The main suspect, arrested a few hours after his disappearance, immediately admitted the facts. The 'Journal des Femmes' gives you five things to know about this terrible news item.

  Murder of Vanesa, 14: 5 things to know about this case, Romain Chevrel main suspect

After the emotion caused by the murder of Lola, Saturday October 15, the French discovered Friday November 19, 2022, with horror, the face of a new young deceased, whose the lifeless body was found in Birac-sur-Trec, Lot-et-Garonne: Vanessa was 14 years old . His presumed murderer, arrested just hours after his disappearance, recognized the facts immediately and collaborated with the gendarmes. He was incarcerated. Three days after the occurrence of this tragedy, The Women's Journal takes stock of what we know about the case.

Who is the victim ?

Vanesa was educated in fourth grade, at the Germillac college in Tonneins , a small town located about forty kilometers northwest of Agen. According to information from The Dispatch , she was of Spanish origin and was part of an allophone educational unit for newcomers . His family had arrived in France a year ago and do not speak French well. The young victim had a 10-year-old brother and a 12-year-old sister. His parents were hospitalized in shock .

How did the events unfold?

The The girl was reported missing at 6:45 p.m. on Friday by her parents who did not see her returning from college , said the prosecutor of Agen, Olivier Naboulet, during a press conference given on Saturday. The gendarmerie then exploited the video-protection images of the 28 cameras that equip the city of Tonneins. If these do not precisely show the abduction of the young girl, a suspicious vehicle could be identified. Thanks to the license plate, the investigators traced the trail of the alleged murderer . He was arrested at his home for kidnapping and forcible confinement, shortly before 11 p.m. ' I know why you are here “, he immediately declared to the gendarmes before confessing the facts and lead them himself to the body . This one was in an abandoned house in Birac-sur-Trec, a few kilometers north of Tonneins .

Placed in police custody, the suspect explained that he spent Friday morning near the Germillac college, in Tonneins, consuming cannabis in his car. He would have noticed his victim who was walking on the sidewalk and the 'did ' forcibly enter his vehicle before quickly leaving the scene ', indicated the prosecutor of Agen. The man would then have parked' behind closed doors ' and allegedly raped the girl before killing her' by strangling him ' to hide his crime. He would then have taken the road again and deposited the body inside an abandoned house that he had not spotted beforehand, in Birac-sur-Trec.

According to Olivier Naboulet, the man assured ' to not know 'his victim and' not having carried out identification ', but indicated that ' the motivation for his actions was of a sexual nature '.

Who is the alleged murderer?

The suspect, Romain Chevrel, is a temporary worker from Marmande , a town located about twenty kilometers northwest of Tonneins. It was already known to the police for acts of sexual assault when he was a minor, in 2006 , said Olivier Naboulet on Saturday. He was then 15 years old. The teenager was then sentenced to 15 days in prison with a suspended sentence of two years' probation. He was ' not registered in the file of sexual offenses nor subject to any judicial control “, said the public prosecutor of Agen. Subsequently, he had committed damage and theft, according to our colleagues.

According to newspaper information South West , Romain Chevrel had recently moved to Marmande with a young woman and her 5-year-old son, whom she had had from a previous union. The couple had just had a baby girl together . To his neighbors, the man was ' very reserved ', ' not the kind you talk to '. A neighbor, interviewed by TF1, describes him as a violent man, at least verbally.' The little one was crying. She, she was consoling him, while he… 'Shut up! Shut up! Afterwards, it was rude “, she testifies.

According to the testimony of two of his former colleagues to BFMTV, the suspect would have problems with alcohol: ' I think it's someone who could have been violent having drunk, but from there to having sexual deviance, not at all. I never thought that person would go after a young girl, no! “, they assured the chain, indicating that they had both hosted it for a while.

What will be the legal consequences?

The investigation was entrusted to the Marmande research brigade and the Agen research section. Me Martin, lawyer for Cédric Jubillar , will defend Romain Chevrel . ' All the work of the investigation will be to understand what could have happened in the head of a 31-year-old man to commit such terrible acts. “, he explained to the microphone of the newspaper South West . ' He is overwhelmed by the gravity of the facts ', he added. An autopsy of the body is due to take place this week .

Comment support Vanessa's family?

While waiting for justice to be done, a fundraiser has been launched this Monday by the BMX section of the Cité des tabacs bike club, where Vanesa's little brother is registered. ' The BMX family of Tonneins, touched in the heart, wants to help the family of our little pilot, brother of Vanesa. Recently arrived in France, his single parents need this outpouring of solidarity from all of us to get through this terrible ordeal. ', indicates on the page of the jackpot Céline Bergey, the head of the section.

Since Monday, a psychological cell has also been set up in the establishment where Vanesa was educated. Support is intended for students as well as for all members of staff who so wish. The device will remain in place for several days. A white march was also scheduled for Friday, November 25 in the streets of Tonneins . According to the local daily, The Little Blue Age n, the route will start at 5 p.m. and will go from the college to the town hall near the home of Vanesa's family.