Mule cut: how to wear it well to be trendy in 2023?

WOMEN'S MULLET CUT. This is the most unlikely hair trend of recent years. And yet, the mullet cut for women and for men will be part of it hairstyles 2023. Carried by a wave of kitsch, coming straight from the 1980s, it confirms its place as an ultra-trendy hairstyle.

  Mule cut: how to wear it well to be trendy in 2023?

After a gradual return initiated in 2020, the mullet cut has established itself as a flagship hairstyle for more than two years, even being the subject of a festival dedicated in Belgium simply dubbed 'The Mule Cup Festival'. Driven by Miley Cyrus , Rihanna, Christine and the Queens, it is still essential in 2023 to structure the hair and give a youthful look. Why this emblematic cut of the 1980s makes such a box? We tell you everything.

Why is the mullet cut trending in 2023?

For some time, kitsch has become the new cool . First launched in fashion, the style is now spreading to beauty with the return of the mullet cut, of course, but also the profusion of pop colors and glitter in makeup . After George Clooney, Joan Jett, Cindy Lauper or even Brad Pitt, it's the turn of young stars like Billie Eilish to adopt the mullet cut and raise it to the rank of it-hairstyle. A trend confirmed on the heads of mannequins fashion shows. But much more than a haircut fashionable, the mullet cut has also become the symbol of a less conventional beauty. The mule takes the reins and dictates its law.

How to do a mullet cut for women?

Technically, the mullet cut is quite complex ; it consists in carrying long hair at the neck , and much shorter on the sides. On the top of the head, an intermediate length is required, and the whole thing should be messy. For the most authentic result, it is preferable to have thick hair . The mullet cut, however, adapts to all face shapes and for the rest, many fantasies are permitted: smooth hair , curly hair , with a fringe...

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Why is it called the mullet cut?

Revealed in the 1970s to embody the rock and cool style, the mullet cut owes its name to the mullet fish, in reference to its flat head which is likened to a 'stupid or stupid' person, designated by the English insult 'mullet-head' . In the 1980s, many footballers wore this cut as well as some singing stars. Since 2018, the mullet cut has had its own festival in Australia: the Mullet Fest.