Movie nights for kids: what movies to see in November and December?

Every week, new films and cartoons are released in cinemas. What's the current programming to do with the kids? Adventure, fun or fairytale... there's something for everyone! Here is our selection for young moviegoers with new releases for November and those in theaters in December 2022.

  Movie nights for kids: what movies to see in November and December?

Taking your children to the cinema is generally an activity that the youngest enjoy. For them, it's an opportunity to spend a 'big time' outside of home or school and discover new stories in pictures, with the heroes and heroines who accompany them. Their imagination takes over. In the family, it is also often a moment of sharing which pleases children, adults and adults alike. So if you don't know what to do next Wednesdays or weekends, turn to a family movie session. What movies to watch with your children in November 2022? And what are the next releases scheduled for December? Discover our selection of cartoons and animated films not to be missed at the end of 2022 .

Black Panther : Wakanda Forever

After the death of King T'Challa, Queen Ramonda and her allies fight to protect their nation and usher the Kingdom of Wakanda into a whole new era. But that was without counting on a threat, arising from a kingdom hidden in the depths of the oceans: the Talokan people. In theaters November 9, 2022. Ages 13 and up.

Christmas with the Koala brothers

This year, the Koala brothers have decided to go big for Christmas. In the Australian desert, they invited all their relatives, even a friend of theirs who lives in Antarctica. But before the start the latter is injured. The two brothers will embark on a journey to search for him on the ice floe. An adventure that promises to be full of twists and turns. In theaters November 16, 2022. Ages 3 and up.

The kingdom of stars

In the middle of the night, Peter's little sister suddenly disappears. To find her before daybreak, Peter sets out on the Sandman's magical sleigh. An eventful race awaits him. In theaters December 7, 2022. Ages 6 and up.

Puss in Boots 2: The Final Quest

By dint of embarking on incredible adventures, the famous Puss in Boots has spent many of his lives without realizing it. To be able to get back on his feet he must embark on a quest for his own life. He will ask for help from his former partner and best enemy ever: Kitty Paws Velvet. But be careful, he only has one life left, so they will have to be very careful especially with the encounters they will make. In theaters December 7, 2022. Ages 6 and up.

Ernest and Celestine, the Journey to Charabie

The two acolytes, Ernest and Célestine return to Charabie to have Ernest's broken violin repaired. As soon as they arrive, they realize that music has been banned throughout the country for several years. For them, it is simply inconceivable. They will therefore try to repair this injustice, with the help of their friends. In theaters December 14, 2022. Ages 8 and up.

Avatar 2: The Way of the Water

Jack and Neytiri's family must face many hardships to stay alive. The return of humans to their territory will force them to fight and leave their home to join other regions of Pandora. Will they achieve it? In theaters December 14, 2022.

Belle and Sebastian: Next Generation

Belle and Sébastien: new generation, in theaters October 19 © Gaumont

Sebastien, 10, is reluctantly going to spend a vacation in the mountains with his grandmother and aunt. They ask him to help with the sheepfold, and that's where he will meet Belle. The dog, mistreated by her master, will become her friend. Ready to do anything to avoid injustice, the boy will live crazy adventures. In theaters October 19, 2022. Ages 7 and up.