Monsieur Cuisine: the Lidl robot soon to be back on the shelves

We were impatiently waiting for it, the Monsieur Cuisine robot is soon on sale again at Lidl! Its price, where to buy it and when? Here's the info so you don't miss the event!

  Monsieur Cuisine: the Lidl robot soon to be back on the shelves

[Updated Nov 22, 2022 2:43 p.m.] He's back just in time to Christmas 2022 . The Lidl store has announced the date of the next Monsieur Cuisine Smart sale and It's soon ! In addition to the release date, Lidl also revealed his price . We explain how to buy it and get it for less. A good way to equip yourself with a robot type thermomix at discounted price.

When does Lidl sell Monsieur Cuisine in 2022?

On its Instagram account, the hard discount chain Lidl announced that its Monsieur Cuisine Smart would once again be in the supermarket December 5, 2022 . The last sale was made end of August 2022 , in all Lidl stores in France . And as always, this sale was held while supplies lasted. Previous sales were in March and June 2022 .

What is the price of Monsieur Cuisine at Lidl?

Monsieur Cuisine Smart will be on sale at €429 and 70€ immediate reduction will be granted to Lidl Plus members. This is the same price as during the sale in June 2022. To win a preview of the SilverCrest robot, the store has posted a big contest from November 21 to 29, 2022 . Appointment on line and on social networks to participate!

Where can I find Lidl's Monsieur Cuisine?

As with all Lidl-branded products, Silvercrest's Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot will be available for purchase only in 1570 Lidl super marches France and within the limits of available stocks. Lidl robots cannot be purchased online . Nor is it possible to preorder or of them Reserve . However, some sites resell the Silvercrest robot second-hand.

What is Mr Kitchen Smart?

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart is a practical everyday accessory for cooking for the whole family and especially a alternative of choice compared to other offers on the market, such as the Thermomix. Its price is still as low compared to competitors. And it is an improved version of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot.

The novelties of the Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot

For this new sale, Lidl has seen big, the new robot has a anthology of delightful novelties . It is thus equipped with a bigger screen to be active than the previous one, it's perfect for accessing a selection of recipes now available on video . Still concerning the preparations, it is possible to change portions to customize the recipes as you wish and add annotations . It will also be easier to prepare large portions: it is now possible to work up to 1 kilo of flour . Finally, for more practicality, the application of recipes allows you to create shopping lists , of plan your meals and even issues suggestions according to taste and the filters applied. And the icing on the cake, you can command the robot's actions to the sound of your voice while keeping your hands in the dough: the Google Assistant is available.

The features of the Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart has the advantage of replace multiple utensils that you already have in your kitchen and that are cluttering you up. he can knead, knead, sear, chop, steam and even weigh in your place. With its 10 speeds, turbo and pulse mixing function, it will allow you to make delicious pastry recipes or savory dishes. It also has many accessories such as:

  • a mixing bowl
  • A cooking basket
  • A drummer
  • A spatula
  • A knife
  • A steam cooking set with lid and basket

The characteristics of Monsieur Cuisine Smart

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart has several features and automatic programs , as for the Turbo function, kneading, searing or steaming . Its integrated scale allows you to weigh your food directly. Its software also makes it possible to prepare shopping lists and a weekly recipe diary. And as with all models, all of its accessories are machine-washable, so the drudgery of washing up is over.

What is the difference between Thermomix and Monsieur Cuisine?

If its price is a major argument, Monsieur Cuisine is less powerful than the Thermomix. 1000 W versus 1500 W for the Vorwerk robot. That said, it has a largest capacity: 4.5 litres , compared to 2.2 liters for the TM6. Its scale is also less precise than the Thermomix, which will weigh your food to the nearest gram. The Monsieur Cuisine, just like the Thermomix, has an arsenal of skills: it mixes, it chops, it emulsifies, it kneads and reduces it to a pulp, while weighing and cooking your food. It is therefore an entry-level robot that does its job very well.

Where can I find Lidl robot recipes?

The Mr. Kitchen is present in many homes, but what to cook with? The multifunction robot is sold with a bound recipe book. There are also several other books: pastry lovers, light cooking , there is something for all tastes and desires. Discover above the special recipe books Monsieur Cuisine, Lidl's star robot.