Monica Bellucci dares an unexpected color that suits her very well

On Friday October 21, Monica Bellucci was in Lyon for the 14th Lumière film festival. The star wore a plum-colored jumpsuit by Elie Saab.

 Monica Bellucci dares an unexpected color that suits her very well

During the 14 th light festival in Lyon, on Friday October 21, 2022, the director Tim Burton received the prestigious Light award 2022. At 64 years old and after having won numerous film awards, Tim Burton shed a tear when he was awarded this prize to celebrate his impressive career.

On the stage of the International city , the director of Charlie and the chocolate factory received her distinction from the hands of the Italian actress Monica Bellucci . This one shone just as much as the haloed director and wore a splendid outfit: a plum color combination with long sleeves, draped at the waist and flared legs. The look of the James Bond girl comes from the Lebanese designer's fashion collection Elie Saab . Simply magnificent.

Monica Bellucci in Combinaison Elie Saab

Monica Bellucci's fashion style

Known for her sensuality and his mysterious air , Monica Bellucci is the glamorous Italian actress par excellence. Accustomed to firsts and Fashion week , the star of the film Malena is used to performing red carpets and knows what suits her best. His style ? The draped pieces emphasizing its size. The day after the festival's award ceremony, she had chosen a black dress tied at the waist in a wrap style and high Christian velvet boots. Louboutin . And the key word to describe her outfits is most certainly the elegance . His specialty: total looks noirs and sunglasses, which reinforce his enigmatic aura.