Turkish first name: these beautiful ideas from Türkiye

For a girl as for a boy, the Turkish repertoire is full of beautiful names!
Mom 2023-06-09 23:59:03 by Terry

Chinese names: the most beautiful first names for girls and boys

If you are looking for a Chinese name for your baby girl or boy, follow this guide. You will find all our ideas for pretty first names with poetic meanings.
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Breastfeeding benches installed in Paris to invite mothers to breastfeed in peace

Many mothers are criticized or judged when they breastfeed in public. To promote breastfeeding and the use of the breast pump in the street, according to baby's needs, the Elvie brand is installing a bench dedicated to breastfeeding mothers in 4 Parisian locations, on June 19 and 20, 2023.
Mom 2023-06-06 19:29:02 by Terry

37 weeks pregnant (39 weeks): how are the contractions?

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, or 39 weeks of amenorrhea, the impatience grows! In a few days, baby will finally be in your arms. The end of a 9 month adventure, made of great joys, but also intense upheavals. We take stock with Anh-Chi Ton, midwife.
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Indian boy names: the most beautiful ideas from India

Looking for a name for your baby boy that evokes India? Here is our selection of the most beautiful male Indian names!
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Pathological leave: when is it prescribed?

A pregnant woman who has pregnancy complications may be entitled to pathological leave, which is added to maternity leave. Conditions, duration, compensation... Here is everything you need to know about prenatal or postnatal pathological leave.
Mom 2023-06-03 18:05:03 by Terry

This mother gives birth in a luxury maternity hospital, 'worthy of a 7-star hotel in Dubai'

For her second pregnancy, Vera Sidika, an influencer mom, chose to give birth in a presidential suite at a maternity hospital in Kenya. She shared with her community the images of this luxury room on video.
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Greek boy names: these beautiful first names of Hellenic origin

Looking for a Greek name for a baby boy? Here is our guide to the most beautiful male names from Greece.
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What Saint Names to Celebrate in June?

Blandine, Diane, Alban, Prosper, Paul... The list of first names to celebrate in June gives pride of place to French first names, both ancient and modern. Discover the Saint names of the month of June and their meaning.
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Who are these jellyfish parents who 'accept' almost everything?

After the tiger parents, the dolphin parents and the helicopter parents, it is the turn of the jellyfish parents to assert their educational model. Listening to their children, they impose neither rules nor sanctions. But, don't children need a framework to grow up peacefully? Answers and advice from Natacha Butzbach, psychologist in parenting and parental support.
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