Model at 71 years old, she proves that beauty has no age

While the cult of youth seems to dominate the world of modeling, Rosa Saito, who became a model at the age of 68, proves to us that beauty is expressed at all ages. What are her secrets to staying sublime over time? Answers and photos of this beautiful senior model.

 Model at 71 years old, she proves that beauty does not'a pas d'âge

Young, thin, very tall and filiform: this is the mold in which all current models seem to fit. A diktat of beauty countered by rose saito who seduces social networks with her beauty that is definitely ageless.

Mature and model

Now 71, Rosa Saito was not destined to become a successful model. It was at the age of 68, after a year of reflection and following the advice of a photographer and then an agency, that the beauty of Japanese origins started. While the diktat of youthism and thinness reigns in the middle, Rosa Saito, real name Setsuko Saito, entered modeling with her long White hair , his visible wrinkles and his small size of 1.68 cm. The model born in Sao Paulo has already posed for numerous campaigns, for different brands and magazine covers (Amazon, Elle Décoration or Forbes Life), as can be seen on her Instagram account. Thus, Rosa Saito breaks the codes of traditional beauty and blows a new wind in the sometimes strict world of modeling.

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Natural beauty

To ensure a beauty so radiant at the age of 71 , Rosa Saito trusts nature. In an interview with the site Estadão , the mother of three children confided to having been familiarized with natural methods from an early age, so much so that she never took any medication during her childhood. 'It was all about tea, and in my essence I am rather against all that is chemical. So I always took care of myself with aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil' , she said. The pretty septuagenarian accepts her age and her mature body. 'As a woman there are some things I would like to change, of course we all do, but I'm not unhappy with myself. I feel beautiful with myself “, she underlined with great elegance.