Miss Poland snatches the crown in PHOTOS, France well ranked with April Benayoum ... What to see at Miss World 2021

April Benayoum was not crowned Miss World in the March 16, 2022 election in Puerto Rico, but the Frenchwoman still took an honorable place in the final top. It was Miss Poland, Karolina Biewlaska, who was crowned Miss World … to the chagrin of Internet users.

  Miss Poland snatches the crown in PHOTOS, France well ranked with April Benayoum ... What'il fallait voir à Miss Monde 2021 

April Benayoum  did not take the crown. It is Karolina Biewlaska, Miss Poland , which was sacred Miss World , March 16, 2022! She succeeds Jamaican Toni-Ann Singh, who was crowned Miss World 2020 and kept her scarf for two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. Her 1st runner-up is Miss USA, Shree Saini , and Olivia Yacé, Miss Ivory Coast , she was elected 2nd Dauphine of the contest.

Carolina Biewlaska is currently studying for her Masters in Management, and dreams of becoming personal development lecturer . ' When I heard my name, I was shocked. I still can't believe it. I'm honored to wear the Miss World crown and can't wait to get to work “, commented the 70th Miss World.

Photos from the Miss World Ceremony: The Pageant in Pictures

April Benayoum : son classement

As for April Benayoum , she did not deserve it. If she has not won the long-awaited crown, the Frenchwoman is in the Top 13 of the rank. ' Top 13, Bravo “, commented the director of the company Miss France Sylvie Tellier , on Twitter. The main interested party, who was celebrating her 23rd birthday, reacted to this result in an Instagram story: 'Thank you for everything, so proud of this top 13 out of 100 candidates . A nice birthday present! Come on I'm going to bed now and tomorrow I'm sunbathing in the pool, I haven't even bathed in a month in Puerto Rico ',

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Miss Poland's victory sparks controversy

The victory of Carolina Biewlaska did not please everyone! Internet users were numerous to support the sublime Olivia Yacé, Miss Ivory Coast , crowned 2nd Dauphine of Miss World. ' You mean it's not Ivory Coast who won ? She is very pretty, the winner, but in view of what happened tonight and during the prelims, the victory goes to Olivia “, commented a surfer on Twitter. I have hatred there, ok 2nd runner-up is good but Olivia should have won “, was indignant another.

April Benayoum : her national costume

Selected from TOP 40 candidates , the beauty queen hoped to shine brightly and wow audiences and jurors with her national costume. No Moulin Rouge or French Cancan for April, who decided to stand out with an outfit straight out of the ' cabaret d'Alsace ', as she explained to TV Magazine. 'I chose a cabaret costume from white color, with lots of tulle and beads ', announced the first runner-up Amandine Small , who was delighted to find his competitors.

The 98 Miss World contestants:

April Benayoum: how the French prepared for Miss World

If the first choreographies with the 97 Misses have already been pre-recorded, April Benayoum continued her physical preparation, but also took make-up and English classes .

Because as for Miss Univers , Miss World contestants must ' getting ready alone on the evening of the show, hair and make-up'. A decisive step that raised the pressure for the sublime blonde.

April Benayoum : I think Miss France ' killed'

Unlike Miss France, therefore, no beauty professional officiates with young women. But the one who was elected Miss Provence 2021 knows exactly how to show off, despite a slight downside to her hair. 'I have to put on extensions because the Miss France adventure killed my hair . Since they are fragile, permanent hairstyles, interviews and curling irons clearly kill them.' she explained.

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April Benayoum would see herself as an actress

After the competition, the Miss, who recently became a columnist in Do not touch My TV , might as well go into comedy. With her blue eyes, her remarkable curves and her dazzling smile, April Benayoum has already signed in a 'model agency ', but have not yet had time to take ' acting classes '. In the meantime, she may make a new appearance soon at the table of TPMP to debrief Koh-Lanta and Top Boss , his favorite programs...

April Benayoum is a columnist

Miss Provence 2020 made a surprise appearance in Do not touch My TV last January 26. April Benayoum joined the columnists of the C8 show, to her delight. ' Basically, I had been called to participate on Saturday in the people edition de Touche not at my post, I arrive in Paris on Wednesday and they contact me to tell me that finally they want me to be present for TPMP with Cyril the same evening. I accept without hesitation. The show happens then finally the next day I am asked to continue on the two other shows on Thursday and Friday' , she told Provence . To support him, Cyril Hanouna has been ' adorable ', ' super ' and did ' show great kindness '.

April Benayoum in the TOP 40, France in contention for March 16 final

In view of the ceremony to be held on 16 mars , (after the last minute cancellation due to Covid-19), the Miss World organization has planned a smaller event in Porto Rico . This time, they are only 40 of the 97 candidates competing in December. And good news: April Benayoum, the representative of France, is one of the selected ! The young woman, elected first runner-up to Amandine Petit, expressed her joy on Instagram. ' So proud to announce that I will be able to participate in the rest of this great adventure. I'm lucky enough to make the Miss World Top 40. Let's bring the crown back to France after 68 years ', Miss Provence 2020 wrote enthusiastically.

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Miss World ceremony canceled due to Covid-19

While the Miss World organization had to postpone the ceremony on December 16, a few hours before the start of the competition, due to cases of coronavirus , a new contest date was then communicated! The Miss World ceremony will take place on March 16, three months to the day after the original date, the organization announced.

The competition, which was to take place at the Coliseum Jose Miguel Agrelot in Puerto Rico, was canceled due to numerous cases of coronavirus, detected the same morning, despite the reinforced sanitary measures. After consulting doctors, virologists, and the Puerto Rico Department of Health, the organizers therefore preferred to take their precautions by postponing the final for the next 90 days .

' Miss World 2021 temporarily postpones the world broadcast finale in Puerto Rico for reasons for the health and safety of candidates, staff, team and the general public “, said the official Instagram account of the contest. “The next step, according to medical experts, is a immediate quarantine , pending further observation and testing, in accordance with best practice in situations like this “, could we read.

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The candidates were only able to return home after the green light from health professionals: ' Only once, and only once, will competitors and staff members have received clearance from health officials and advisors, that competitors and staff members will be able to return to their home countries. 'origin '.

Very disappointed after so many weeks of preparation, April Benayoum, the French beauty queen, spoke about this last minute cancellation via her Instagram story. ' We don't know what we're going to do. I hope to be able to return to France to spend the end of year celebrations with my family. I confess that I am quite disappointed. It's still a month where I put everything on hold for this election . But let's stay positive, the election will be postponed. And thank you for all your support “, she told her followers.

Des positive candidates to the Covid-19

The Miss World 2021 competition had until then passed between the nets of the Covid-19... But on December 16, case of coronavirus had been identified among the 98 candidates. In total, seven young women had been placed in solitary confinement to avoid contagion. “The Miss World organization follows local recommendations. If they are unable to provide a negative PCR test, they will not be on stage for the final show ' , said Julia Morley, the current organizer of the contest, in a press release relayed by the newspaper First hour .

The representatives of miss indonesia have, for their part, confirmed that their participant, Carla Yules , had tested positive and immediately quarantined. Miss Inside , who shares her room in Puerto Rico, was also forced to self-isolate.

“Due to the seriousness of the global situation we are going through, we have anticipated by capturing the unique talent of each of our candidates so that in case they cannot join us, they can still win the crown of Miss World 2021', also indicated Julia Morley.

April Benayoum defended the fight against bullying

For each beauty pageant, the young women competing must all choose a cause to represent. For Miss World 2021, April Benayoum chose to lead its fight against bullying to Puerto Rico. 'I wanted to talk about the environment but with what happened to me this year, I did not see myself committing to anything other than the fight against harassment and discrimination ' . she explained during an interview for LCI . The young beauty queen, 1st runner-up to Amandine Petit last year at the origins ' serbo-croates'  and 'Israeli-Italians' , was the victim of antisemitic slurs on social networks on the evening of the Miss France 2020 election. She then decided to sue the authors of the Tweets, and won her case when the seven people assigned were each fined heavily.

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April Benayoum makes France shine during the Top Model Challenge

Before D-Day, participants must complete challenges in order to hope to be ranked in the Top 40 . The pretty French beauty queen, 1st runner-up to Amandine Petit, stood out during one of these challenges, namely the Top Model Challenge .

With her experience as a model, the 23-year-old has managed to rise in the TOP 13 of this test. A nice ranking for April, which was the subject of an Instagram post on the official Miss World account!

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Who represents France?

This year, it's the charming April Benayoum who defended our tricolor colors. The young woman aged 23 years was sacred Miss Provence 2020 and Amandine Petit's first runner-up during Miss France 2020.

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Miss World contestants

They are 98 candidates to show up this year!

  • South Africa: Shudufhadzo Musiḓa
  • Albania: Amela Agastra
  • Angleterre: Rehema Muthamia
  • Angola: Ruth Carlos
  • Argentina: Amira Hidalgo
  • Armenia: Mirna Bzdigian
  • Bahamas: Sienna Evans
  • Belgium: Celine Van Ouytsel
  • Belize: Markeisha Young
  • Bolivia: Fernanda Rivero
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Adna Biber
  • Botswana: Palessa Molefe
  • Brazil: Caroline Teixeira
  • Bulgaria: Eva Dobreva
  • Cambodge: Sophorn Phum
  • Cameroun: Audrey Monkam
  • Canada: Svetlana Mamaeva
  • Chili: Carol Drpic
  • Chine: Jiang Siqi
  • Colombia: Andrea Aguilera
  • South Korea: Tara Hong
  • Costa Rica: Tamara Dalmaso
  • Ivory Coast: Olivia Yacé
  • Curaçao: Alvinette Soliana
  • Ecosse: Claudia Todd
  • Equator: Ámar Ibarra
  • Spain: Ana García Segundo
  • Estonia: Caroline Kippasto
  • USA: Shree Saini
  • Finland: Emilia Lepomäki
  • France: April Benayoum
  • Ghana: Monique Agbedepui
  • Gibraltar: Janice Sampere
  • Guadeloupe: Prescilla Larose
  • Guinea: Nene Mariama Saran Bah
  • Equatorial Guinean: Lucila Benita
  • Guinea-Bissau: Itchacenia Da Costa
  • Haiti: Erlande Berger
  • Honduras: Dayana Bordas
  • Hungary: Lili Tótpeti
  • Cayman Islands: Rashana Hydes
  • India: Manasa Varanasi
  • Indonesia: Carla Yules
  • Iraq: Maria Makho
  • Ireland: Pamela Uba
  • Northern Ireland: Anna Leitch
  • Islande: Hugrún Egilsdóttir
  • Italy: Claudia Motta
  • Jamaica: Khalia Hall
  • Japan: Tamaki Hoshi
  • Kenya: Sharon Obara
  • Luxembourg: Émilie Boland
  • Macao: Jiani Yuan
  • Madagascar: Nellie Anjaratiana
  • Malaisie: Lavanya Sivaji
  • Malte: Naomi Dingli
  • Maurice: Angelique Sanson
  • Mexico: Karolina Vidales
  • Moldova: Tatiana Ovcinicova
  • Mongolia: Burte-Ujin Anu
  • Namibia: Annerie Maré
  • Nepal: Namrata Shrestha
  • Nicaragua: Sheynnis Palacios
  • Nigeria: Oluchi Madubuike
  • Norway: Amine Storrød
  • Uganda: Elizabeth Bagaya
  • Panama: Krysthelle Barretto
  • Paradise: Bethany Rodriguez
  • Country of Wales: Olivia Harris
  • Netherlands: Lizzy Dobbe
  • Peru: Paula Montes
  • Philippines: Tracy Perez
  • Pologne: Karolina Bielawska
  • Porto Rico: Aryam Diaz
  • Portugal: Lidy Alves
  • Dominican Republic: Emmy Peña
  • Czech Republic: Karolína Kopíncová
  • Rwanda: Grace Ingabire
  • Sainte-Lucie: Tyler Theophane
  • Saint-Martin: Lara Mateo
  • Savior: Nicole Alvarez
  • Senegal: Penda Sy
  • Serbia: Andrijana Savić
  • Singapore: Khai Ling Ho
  • Slovakia: Leona Novoberdaliu
  • Slovenia: Maja Čolić
  • Somali: Khadija Omar
  • Sri Lanka: Sade Greenwood
  • Sweden: Gabriella Mann
  • Tanzania: Juliana Rugumisa
  • Trinidad and Tobago: Jeanine Brandt
  • Tunisia: Amani Layouni
  • Turquie: Dilara Korkmaz
  • Ukraine: Aleksandra Yaremchuk
  • Uruguay: Valentina Camejo
  • Venezuela: Alejandra Conde
  • Vietnam: Do Thi Ha
  • Zambia: Vanessa Bean
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