Miss France: Alexia Laroche Joubert 'deeply saddened' by the words of Sylvie Tellier after their tumultuous press conference

Is it (finally) time for peace? Between Sylvie Tellier, patroness of Miss France for a few more weeks, and Alexia Laroche Joubert, there is water in the gas. Their recent press conference for the Misses' trip to Guadeloupe bears witness to this...

  Miss France : Alexia Laroche Joubert "profondément attristée" par les propos de Sylvie Tellier après leur tumultueuse conférence de presse

She assures him, there are no tensions with Sylvie Tellier. Alexia Laroche-Joubert makes things clear after the stormy press conference held on November 18 for the traditional preparatory trip for candidates for the Miss France election. The one who has served as CEO for 17 years replied curtly to the producer who had mentioned her involvement in the competition.

Alexia Laroche-Joubert felt that Sylvie Tellier ' did not work on the production of the show but on the Miss France contest ' . Miss France 2002 replied to the press: ' Can't let you say I didn't work on the shows, I did for 17 years . You upset me , you have to have consideration for the work that has been done for 17 years.' It was enough to spark rumors of discord between the two women.

Sylvie Tellier named honorary president

Ah magazines Gala , Alexia Laroche Joubert gave an update on her relationship with Sylvie Tellier and on the election of Miss France 2023, scheduled for December 17. 'I didn't fire her!', she clarified at first. And to add: She decided to leave! What was said recently at a press conference deeply saddened me. Maybe Sylvie underestimated the impact of her decision to leave something she was so invested in.'

What will now be the role of Sylvie Tellier on election night? 'The same as last year alongside Jean-Pierre Foucault, she clarified. She will welcome Cindy Fabre for the handover, and Cindy will give the scarf to the Miss France 2023 '. And that's not all. ' I proposed to her to be honorary president and I am convinced that what she learned within Miss France will be useful to her in her new life' , underlined the producer to whom we owe the Star Academy , Secret Story or reality TV shows Ch'tis and Marseilles on W9.

A wind of modernity on the Miss France contest

In this same interview given to our colleagues from Gala , Alexia Laroche Joubert accepted his desires to change the image of the Miss France contest as well as its criteria with, in sight, the need to revitalize it. 'Miss France is a liner with inertia, an institution that does not need a revolution, she said candidly. We have opened the competition to mothers of families, while warning them of the difficulties to come in the event that they are elected . This is the message that is important: Miss France is a contest open to women of all ages, tattooed, mom ...' Not sure that it pleases Sylvie Tellier…

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