Miss France 2023: Already a favorite? Meet the acclaimed Miss!

Who will be Miss France 2023? There is only one month left before we have the answer. In the meantime, discover the favorite regional Miss according to a TPMP poll! As well as all the latest info on the beauty pageant.

  Miss France 2023: Already a favorite? Meet the acclaimed Miss!

Who will succeed Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022? Thanks to a big poll conducted by the show Do not touch My TV , the public can already have a small idea of ​​​​the regional Miss who has a chance of winning the famous crown..

Already a favorite at Miss France 2023?

In third position is Miss Lorraine, Sarah Aoutar with 9.8% of the votes, closely followed by Miss Côte d'Azur, Flavi Barla who obtains 10.9%. Largely in the lead, the favorite candidate with 25.8% of the vote is none other than Miss Franche-Comté, Marion Navarro.

Questioned by our colleagues from maCommune.info Edition Besançon FC , for the president of the Miss Franche-Comté committee, Anne-Laure Vouillot, this prognosis is ' very promising ' most ' nothing is certain, Marion will have to prove herself during the preparation for the election of Miss France 2023 '. At the moment, the candidates are ' judged only on the photos we see of them, mainly on social networks ' and as soon as the contest actually begins, ' they will be put to the test on many criteria such as their personality, their mind, their way of being, their state of mind, their ambitions, etc. '.

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Anne-Laure Vouillot remains confident: ' I hope so with all my heart and I sincerely believe that she has all the assets to get there. ', because to win this prestigious title, Marion Navarro devra' convince the members of the jury, but also the public who is already very present to support Marion in Franche-Comté '.

The latest news on Miss France

What's new for Miss France 2023?

This year, several novelties are worth noting. The wind of change blew on the Miss France election. Sylvie Tellier resigns as executive director of the committee and soar to brand new adventures. This is Cindy Fabre , Miss France 2005 , which replaces it. But if the ex-boss of the Misses claims that she leaves her post of her own free will, certain rumors suggest that she would have been thanked for her behavior instead. According The Parisian , behind the scenes, members of the team would have referred to her as a woman ' not always pleasant ', ' too demanding and often dissatisfied ', even going so far as to describe her as a ' despot '.' Sylvie Tellier can't stand not having the upper hand over a person, she made many people around her crack by making terror reign “, even revealed the ex-producer Caroline Gavignet.

always according to The Parisian , it is the arrival of Alexia Laroche-Jobert at the head of the Miss France company which could have pushed Sylvie Tellier to slam the door. ' When the Miss France team knew that Alexia was making history, everyone waited to find out which of her or Sylvie would take (...) Sylvie Tellier is more resentful, when she doesn't like someone, it shows. We all thought it was going to end in a Game of Thrones atmosphere “, explained a former member of the production.

In addition, after having landed within the Miss France society, Alexia Laroche-Joubert decided to dust off the image of the contest a little and to modernize its rules . Now the married, PACS, mothers, transgender and tattooed women can participate in the competition. So many changes that are not necessarily to the taste of Sylvie Tellier. ' There were no frontal clashes between the two women but Alexia put so much dust in her eye that in the end Sylvie Tellier couldn't see anything. “, explained another source to the Parisian . In any case, Sylvie Tellier will co-host the Miss France 2023 ceremony alongside Jean-Pierre Foucault for the last time , before passing the torch to Cindy Fabre.

What is the date of the Miss France 2023 election?

For this 2023 edition , the ceremony will take place on December 17, 2022. The show will take place at Déols, north of Châteauroux, in the Centre-Val de Loire region. All candidates will try to become the new national beauty queen after Diane Leyre.

Who are the candidates for the Miss France 2023 contest?

Since July, the regional elections are in full swing to select the young women who will enter the contest. The thirty beauty queens have already been crowned to appear at the grand Miss France 2023 ceremony... All will fly in November in the direction of Guadeloupe for the preparation trip .

Which regions are missing from the contest?

This year, you won't see Miss Languedoc-Roussillon in competition ! However, the committee split the region in two, that is to say that a Miss Languedoc and a Miss Roussillon present themselves to the competition. Miss Mayotte will not be represented this year either. Good news for Saint-Martin Saint Barthélemy however: while the region has been absent from the competition since 2020, it is now making a comeback.

Which regions have never been victorious?

Nearly ten regions are visibly shunned by viewers. Some regions ( Limousin, Auvergne , Champagne-Ardenne, Martinique , Mayotte , Saint Pierre and Miquelon , and Saint-Martin-Saint-Barthélemy ) have never had the experience of seeing their candidate wear the precious scarf since the competition was created in 1920.

Which regions have had the most wins?

Which Miss France was the most popular with the public?

Since Miss France 2010, viewers are the only decision makers of the big winner each year. And some candidates were unanimous with the French! Vaimalama Chaves, Miss France 2019 thus received 44% of the vote on the evening of his coronation and holds the record so far. The Tahitian is followed by Marine Orphan , who had collected 41.5% votes to become Miss France 2013. Finally, Laury Thilleman , Miss France 2011, brought together 37% of favorable votes .

How to attend the Miss France ceremony? Ticketing update

Tickets have not yet gone on sale and the start date is not yet known. But it is estimated that tickets should start going on sale between mid-November and early December. For those who are ready to travel, the Châteauroux tourist office will be the only physical point of sale. The others will be able to order their tickets on the Internet, on the site of the hall of the election, the MACH 36 . But hurry, places are going fast!

How does the voting work?

It is the jury which first determines which young woman will be able to access the semi-final. The public can then vote for their favorite candidate, if it is among the fifteen semi-finalists. The voices of the viewers and those of the jury will select the 5 finalists, to finally choose the next Miss France.

What criteria to be Miss France?

To hope to be able to participate in beauty contests, many well-established criteria must be met . But in 2022, the regulations have been relaxed and many old prohibitions have become permitted. For example, a tattooed mother can now participate in the competition. Transgender women can also be candidates. This was the case this year with Andréa Furet, who was crowned second runner-up for the title of Miss Paris 2022. Cosmetic surgery is however still prohibited. Here is the list rules to try your luck in the Miss France election:

  • Have been regularly and validly elected at the regional level within the framework of a regional election.
  • Be female 'in civil status'. Transgender candidates can now apply for the competition.
  • Tattoos are now allowed' as long as they are not tattoos that have criminally reprehensible representations “, specified Alexia Laroche-Joubert.
  • Not having undergone major transformations of its physical characteristics.
  • Be of French nationality.
  • Be at least 18 years old. There is no longer an age limit imposed by the regulations, however some local committees prefer to keep an age limit of 24 years old.
  • Be a minimum height of 1m70 (one meter seventy), without heels.
  • From now on, married and PACS women as well as mothers can participate in the competition.
  • Have a clean criminal record.
  • Not having participated in national competitions in France and/or international similar or identical to the Miss France competition.
  • ' The candidates who present themselves must not have made pornographic films or photographs “, explained Alexia Laroche-Joubert.
  • Not having used and/or allowed to use the title won in the context of local competitions for the purposes of political, ideological or religious propaganda or activism.

Misses are entitled to a work contract

In November 2021, the company president Alexia Laroche-Joubert had made it known that the candidates would now be paid . ' Since my appointment as president of the Miss France society, we have worked with the teams on the editorial line of the show and the production conditions. This has artistic, technical and legal consequences. This is why this year, the 29 misses who will parade on the evening of December 11 on the TF1 antenna will have employment contracts ' . had reported The 20 Minutes . This statement echoed the association's accusations Dare Feminism, who claimed that the organization violated the right of work .

What salary for Misses 'under contract' for the election?

The producer had provided some details in The Parisian indicating that this contract was valid only for the ceremony and not during the weeks of preparation: ' During the preparation preceding the broadcast, they are still masters of the game. On the other hand, everything that is necessary for the issue, i.e. performances on the day of the live and rehearsals, is part of the contract'.

Regarding their salary, Alexia Laroche-Joubert said that their ' remuneration is not that of a senior executive'. ' And if they came just to make money, let them go their way , it would not be faithful to the state of mind of the competition, nor to the values ​​that they must advocate “, she added. Things are clear…

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