Mireille Mathieu, upset by her duet with Arno: 'I started crying'

A surprise guest on Arno's posthumous album, Mireille Mathieu sings with the late Belgian singer on a reggae version of 'La Paloma adieu' for a moving duet. The 76-year-old singer opened up with emotion...

  Mireille Mathieu, overwhelmed by her duet with Arno:"Je me suis mise à pleurer"

Last bow of the most 'rock' of Belgian singers, Opex , Arno's posthumous album will be released on September 30, five months after the artist passed away. Suffering from pancreatic cancer and knowing he was doomed, the most irreverent of Flemings had insisted on releasing this fifteenth and final opus. Working in the studio until his last breath, the very weakened Belgian artist drew on his last strength to complete this farewell album. Opex brings together ten extremely poignant new songs. Special mention for the cover of Goodbye Dove which he performs in duet with Mireille Mathieu !

The improbable and poignant duo between Arno and Mireille Mathieu

Arno's posthumous album indeed offers an unreleased version of Goodbye Dove , song released in 1973 and which was one of the great successes of Mireille Mathieu. To interpret this popular song, which he revisits in a Reggae version, the hoarse-voiced singer dreamed of a duet with the young lady from Avignon for whom he has not hidden his admiration for many years ' She has an incredible voice and we know her all over the world, she's an icon, like the Eiffel Tower ' he declared.

For her part, Mireille Mathieu confided in the columns of Parisian: ' Arno said he loved me very much. He had very complimentary and courteous words for me, it touched me. . He wanted us to do a duet, but I was very busy, I traveled a lot. I told him yes. But the Covid arrived and we did not have the opportunity to meet . 'Finally, when the 76-year-old singer finally accepts Arno's proposal, the latter is already very ill.' We spoke once on the phone to hear from him. It was very sad “, she recalls.

The French star upset by the death of Arno

On April 23, very close to Avignon, Mireille Mathieu returned to the studios for the first time since confinement in order to put her voice on the model of Goodbye Dove . Arno had already recorded his vocal part on his side. ' It was raining very hard that day ', recalls the singer. ' I sang, we listened with Arno's entourage. So I heard from him. They told me he had just left. I started to cry. Luckily they didn't tell me before, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to sing. Even the sky was upset that day “, she told the columns of the Figaro .

Mireille Mathieu recounts having burst into tears and singing the Ave Maria for him. ' When I heard the demo of his version the first time, it was surprising, with this reggae rhythm and his atypical voice. But the result is very good “, concluded the young lady of Avignon.

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