Mireille Darc: the poignant gesture of her husband before his death... 'I called Carla Bruni'

Pascal Desprez confided in the last moments of life of his late wife, Mireille Darc, on CNews. He even mentioned a mysterious call to Carla Bruni…

  Mireille Darc: the poignant gesture of her husband before his death... 'J'ai appelé Carla Bruni"

On August 28, 2017, Mireille Darc passed away after a stroke and numerous strokes surrounded by two of her great loves: Alain Delon, and the one who had been her husband since 2002, Pascal Desprez . Invited on September 2 on Pascal Praud's show on CNews , Time for the pros , part of which was dedicated to the late actress, the latter indulged in a few confidences.

Pascal Desprez to Carla Bruni: 'We must give him the Legion of Honor'

On the occasion of this televised tribute to Mireille Darc, Pascal Praud had therefore chosen to invite Véronique de Villèle, who was the actress's assistant for almost 15 years, and Pascal Desprez. The opportunity for the man who married the actress in Normandy in 2002 during an intimate ceremony to share with viewers some of his most intimate memories.

'It is a person who was born from nothing and who finished Officer of the Legion of Honor, Commander of the National Order of Merit, Commander of Arts and Letters, who had the medal of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, and so on', he wanted to point out.

He also remembered a phone call to Carla Bruni two months before the death of Mireille Darc, when the health of his illustrious wife was particularly fragile. ' The whole year has been very hard, very violent ', first explained the architect.

'When I started to understand that there was no more chance, I called Carla Bruni and I said to her: 'listen, I don't dare call your husband, but you have to hand over the Legion to him of honour, can you...' She said, 'I pass it to you!' And he said, 'but when you want, I come!' He came, with kindness and simplicity ' , he then remembered before specifying that Mireille Darc was then 'very weak' and that she had '17 pounds lighter' .

The confessions of Pascal Desprez on Mireille Darc

This is not the first time that Pascal Deprez tells the last moments of his wife. Already in 2018, in a documentary broadcast on France 3, he gave himself up with an open heart. 'I saw her doctor looking at her from a distance and he said to me: ' You always told me that you would like to call Alain (Delon, editor's note) . Call him'' , had then told the one who had met Mireille Darc during a dinner with friends in common in 1996.

He then added: 'He came right away and that's it. She fell asleep in her beautiful white pajamas' . Before remembering, moved: 'We offered her a beautiful night because she slept with her two nurses here, Alain and I, we slept up there (...) We offered her an incredible, sublime night since Pierre was missing sure, but she had her two great loves of her life in her house' .

A few months before his death, Mireille Darc, knowing that she was condemned, had also confided in the columns of Tele-Leisure . She then assured not to fear death. 'There's only one thing that hurts me, it's leaving my husband' , she had said. And to conclude: 'I lost a lot of people, so I hope they are waiting for me, that they are going to party with me. If I understood correctly, we continue something afterwards, it does not stop' .

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