Minimalist tattoo: a discreet and symbolic design

Want a tattoo that's both understated and powerful? Bet on the minimalist tattoo which, by its simple design, contains an important symbolism with great delicacy.

 Minimalist tattoo: a discreet and symbolic design

Less is more . This is the watchword of lovers of minimalist tattoos, seduced by these artistic designs which intrigue with their simplistic form and their suggested meaning. Cute, mystical, abstract or even feminine: the minimalist tattoo can display different styles with minimal ink.

What is the meaning of a minimalist tattoo?

Tree of life, compass, cherry blossom, face, eye, family or cat: minimalist tattoos are endless and allow your imagination to run wild. However, some symbols are recurrent among minimalist tattoo enthusiasts, and each has its own signification .

The star : quite a common choice for a minimalist tattoo, the star symbolizes hope and courage, illuminating us in the dark.

The birds : Often tattooed in clouds, birds represent freedom, escape and travel.

The sun : a universal symbol, it is associated with power, rebirth and fertility.

lotus flower : in Asian cultures, this plant symbolizes purity, beauty and elegance. But because it grows in muddy waters, the lotus flower also represents blossoming, moving from darkness to light.

What is a minimalist tattoo?

Ideal for a first tattoo, this type of design pleases with its minimalism which allows to represent a simple or complex idea, according to the desires. Thus, it is possible to encapsulate a strong concept in a discrete symbol. Indeed, an abstract idea like peace can be represented by a simple white dove. Ditto for the skull which symbolizes death. Generally small, the minimalist tattoo can be easily hidden , by clothing, hair or a well-placed accessory.

Where to place a minimalist tattoo?

One of the strengths of the minimalist tattoo is its size, since it is often small and can therefore be placed on small areas of the body, such as the fingers of the hand or behind the ears. It therefore offers more choices for the location of the tattoo which, if you want a beautiful, delicate and legible pattern despite its size, must be done by a specialized tattoo artist in minimalist designs.

But as for the other styles of patterns, the minimalist tattoo will also be sublime on the other parts of the body, such as the forearm, the flank, the back or the thigh. It all depends on whether you want to hide it or not.