Mimie Mathy celebrates her 65th birthday... and reveals her secrets! Real first name, Illness, VIP marriage, Salary...

Mimie Mathy turns 65 on July 8. What you (perhaps) didn't know about the performer of the whimsical 'Joséphine, Ange Gardien'.

  Mimie Mathy celebrates her 65th birthday... and reveals her secrets! Real first name, Illness, VIP marriage, Salary...

Mimie Mathy celebrates her 65th birthday July 8! The actress filmed her 100th episode of Josephine Guardian Angel in December 2021, but she's not quite ready to bow out! What are the secrets of our favorite guardian angel? His real first name, his illness, his VIP wedding, his salary, his role as nanny... and other crazy facts about the star of the small screen.

The latest news on Mimie Mathy

Baptismal first name

His real name is Michele . Michèle Mathy was born on July 8, 1957 in Lyon (7th arrondissement). She is the eldest of the three daughters (her sisters are named Frédérique and Marie) of Marcel Mathy, worker in a Lyon transport company and Roberte Mathy, housewife. As a teenager, when she was an animator in a holiday village, her colleagues nicknamed her 'Mimi'. A nickname that will follow her all her life!

In sickness

His illness, the achondroplasie , which causes dwarfism, was discovered by her paternal grandmother when she was one year old. No one had noticed anything before.

Mummy melody

Since her earliest childhood, Mimie Mathy has been music lover . Daughter of a saxophonist , she joined the parish choir from the age of 8. At 22, she enrolled in musical theater workshop created by singer Michel Fugain in Nice.

nanny from hell

Before becoming famous Josephine Guardian Angel , Mimie Mathy takes her first steps on television in the role of Julie, heroine of A nanny like no other. released on France 2 ., on January 19, 1994, on France 2, the telefilm is a box of audience, with nearly 13 million viewers ! A year later, new success, with A Girl Like No Other . Talent and Recognition: TF1 debauchery this actress has immense popularity!

hand in pocket

For Mimie Mathy, paying for parking spaces in Paris is out of the question. ' I have a principle: I never put money in parking meters' , recognized Mimie Mathy, rebel, in an interview with TV Star . And to add: “I prefer to take the risk of being caught”. For the PV, the actress therefore prefers to rely on her guardian angel…

Love at first sight on stage

For 17 years, Mimie Mathy has been making perfect love with the cook Benoist Gerard , who she is with married 15 years . A romance that began... during a one-man show . In 2003, the actress accidentally invited a tall guy of 1m90, Benoist, on the stage of her show I love chatting with you. ' I felt right away that something had happened.' , she said in The Secret Box on France 3. Under the spell, Mimie Mathy recalls her love at first sight two days later after having retrieved the contact details of this divorced man whom she knows is a cook. A magnificent story of love and passion follows. 'We saw each other again three weeks later and we never left each other!' .

A V.I.P wedding

In August 2005, Mimie Mathy married Besnoit Gérard in front of an audience of stars. His wedding witnesses? Liane Foley , Muriel Robin , its producer, Jean-Claude Camus, and... Johnny Hallyday !

A satisfied 'pretty mother'

His biggest regret? Not having given life. ' I met my husband at 45. I didn't want to have a child alone. We gave ourselves a chance. She did not come' Mimie Mathy told Star TV.
She is nevertheless a mother-in-law satisfied with her husband's 4 children whom she likes to call her 'pretty children'.

professional conscience

At work, the 62-year-old actress is very professional, even a little rigid. 'She's very hard-working, she doesn't really like people who don't know their lines' declared Laurent Ournac to Gala .

Josephine: her superpowers

In total, Josephine, the most famous of the guardian angels, has about fifteen magic powers. She can thus teleport, store or wash things, make objects appear or disappear, talk to animals and ghosts, hear conversations from a distance, do telepathy, go back in time, erase memory, fly... Everything. that in a snap!

Mimie Mathy does the 'laundry' but...

Despite the celebrity, Mimie Mathy assures that she does her ' courses ' and the ' laundry 'Like everyone else. But there are some things she can't afford.' Sometimes I would like to go shopping at Galeries Lafayette, but it is not possible . Just like spending the month of August at a campsite. And I have no desire to find myself in a swimsuit in a magazine “, she confided in Gala .

Mimie Mathy, operated on because of her 'extraordinary physique'

At the start of 2022, Mimie Mathy suffered a ' slight interference “at the level of the back, she explained to TV 7 Days . ' This is just a small revision, which my somewhat extraordinary physics . Nothing like what I experienced five years ago, where I had to stand still for a while “, she detailed.

In 2017, she was hospitalized for a arthrodesis : an intervention with the aim of' block the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae 'during which she had been' thirty centimeters open '.' It doesn't tell anyone but it's an operation that lasts six hours . It's better that the doctor does not have the tremble ' , she told the microphone of Europe 1.

Mimie Mathy lowered her salary

Mimie Mathy, who received no less than 250,000 euros per episode of Joséphine Ange Gardien , would now be paid half, or 125,000 euros. 'I want to clarify that for the series to continue, I lowered my fee, rather than putting a whole team out of work. I still live very well, but I greatly lowered my stamp “, she explained in 2019 at the microphone of RTL.

Mimie Mathy, Joséphine Ange Gardien... until when?

Until when will Mimie Mathy play the mythical Joséphine Ange Gardien? ' I think as long as I'm not being ridiculous as a guardian angel, walking with a cane, I'm good to go. ! “, she confided to TV Star .

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