Miha Bodytec: the results of 3 hours of sport in 20 minutes?

Lose fat, get rid of cellulite, tone your body and reshape your silhouette in record time, here are the promises of Miha Bodytec. We tell you all about this enticing concept.

  Miha Bodytec: the results of 3 hours of sport in 20 minutes?

The Miha Bodytec completely revolutionized the sport. Behind this complicated name hides a way to multiply our physical efforts. What is this ? How it works ? What are the results ? What dangers? We will explain everything to you.

What is Miha Bodytec?

Imported from Germany, the Miha Bodytec is a combination of targeted exercises and electrodes placed all over the body that increase muscle contraction. It is therefore of one electrostimulatio n , also called EMS (electro-muscular stimulation training), which, unlike traditional devices (belts or shorts), is used 'in action' and not passively on the couch. The idea? Make short sessions but strongly increase energy expenditure and intensely solicit all the muscles. Thus, in 20 minutes, we work as much as if we did 240 sets of 10 repetitions, which is the equivalent of 3 hours in the gym! The sessions take place under the guidance of a dedicated coach, who will adapt the intensity of the electrostimulations according to the needs.

What outfit to do Miha Bodytec?

The Miha Bodytec requires a somewhat special outfit. You must be equipped with a electronic t-shirt and underpants , very close to the body. They are for single use for the trial session, then they are bought to have 'his' outfit when you take out a subscription. All without underwear so as not to interfere with the current. One must also wear a sleeveless vest and arm bands (previously passed through hot water) around the thighs and biceps.

What are the results ?

Displayed objective: reshape the body, melt the bulges, work the muscles (glutes, abs, thighs, but also arms, back and pecs ): the programs can be personalized according to the objectives by being more focused on strengthening (with more intense work on certain specific areas if desired) or losing weight with a 'metabolism' program that is particularly effective on the cellulite . Beyond improving the silhouette, the Miha Bodytec also helps to correct posture defects, optimize endurance and reduce the risk of injury . We also talk about psychological benefits insofar as a session made it possible to reduce stress, pressure and anxiety while providing a feeling of well-being.

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What are the user reviews?

After a Miha Bodytec session, all opinions are unanimous: the session passes very quickly and yet there is a real feeling of intensive work. I' electrostimulation inevitably surprises, but it is not an unpleasant feeling. Users approve of being able to practice this sport easily, even with a full agenda. So it's perfect for those who lack the time to improve their physical condition! However, you have to be diligent because the results appear after 5 sessions and can quickly disappear once you stop.

What price ?

In general, it takes about 350 euros for 10 sessions and 45 euros for a Miha Bodytec session. However, some establishments offer subscriptions with a decreasing price. The personal coaching session at home is around 80 euros.

What are the dangers ?

The use of electrostimulation on the body is absolutely not dangerous, provided you follow the instructions of the coach who has been trained in this technology. During the first session, the participant must complete a questionnaire to find out his ability to practice Miha Bodytec. In the event of a blood circulation problem, an operation less than two months old, pregnancy, an epileptic seizure or even diabetes, he will be prohibited from practicing.

Thanks to Arnaud, from the My Twenty center, 22 rue Condillac, Bordeaux. (link to website: www.mytwenty.fr )Source journaldesfemmes.fr