Michelle Obama Poses Natural: 30 Years of Marriage to Barack, Sweet PHOTOS

True to form, Barack and Michelle Obama celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary by posting some touching snaps on their respective Instagram accounts. Result: they have already circumnavigated the planet!

  Michelle Obama Poses Natural: 30 Years of Marriage to Barack, Sweet PHOTOS

This Monday, October 3, 2022, Michelle and Barack Obama celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary . And this pearl wedding was the perfect opportunity for the two lovebirds to share some photos on their respective Instagram accounts . Both very active on social networks, the 44th President of the United States and his wife have also become accustomed to sharing their life, and their love, with their millions of subscribers.

Michelle and Barack Obama: 30 years of marriage and still as much in love

The least we can say by discovering these six shots is that the ex-presidential couple still spins the perfect love . Evidenced by the comment written by Barack Obama in the caption of his post. 'I don't really know why you look exactly the same as you did thirty years ago and I don't. I know I won the lottery that day and couldn't hope for a better life partner than you. Happy birthday my love !' , he wrote, addressing the one he publicly nicknamed 'Seedlings' .

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And to MichelleObama to in turn prove her love to her husband President. 'Happy birthday to the man I love! The past thirty years have been an adventure, and I'm grateful to have you by my side. I like you' , expressed the author of the best seller Becoming .

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Michelle and Barack Obama: goodbye presidential glamour, make way for naturalness

Touching photos to say the least on which we first see Barack Obama gently resting his head on the shoulder of the woman he married in October 1992 after three years of relationship . The spouses, also parents of two daughters, Malia (24 years old) and Sasha (21 years old), smiles on their faces, appear there naturally and seem to swim in the simplest happiness . A heart drawn on the sand in which we can read 'Barack + Michelle' was also immortalized by the couple. Finally, black and white photos of their happy marriage come to close the two slideshows which were respectively liked by more than 3.5 million and 2.8 million people in less than 24 hours .

What have the Obamas lived on since leaving the White House?

In 2017, Barack Obama left the Oval Office after two terms. During this period, the Democrat thus won the tidy sum of 800,000 dollars. Since then, he receives a pension. ' At the end of a term, each president normally receives an annual pension of 187,000 euros ($185,000 at the current rate). His health costs are covered, as well as his official trips. He still benefits from an office, an administrative service and the protection of the secret services. His salary, while in office, does not increase or decrease with inflation, as enshrined in the Constitution “, specified Cnews.

But the Obamas mainly earn a lot of money thanks to their books, their conferences and so on. Thereby, the couple have a fortune estimated by Celebrity Net Worth at $70 million .

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