Michele Torr swings on plastic surgery: 'swollen mouths', 'Botox injections'... what did she do?

Michèle Torr confided frankly on the cosmetic surgery and the interventions she underwent, with 'We Two'. The 75-year-old singer is quite candid...

  Michèle Torr balances on cosmetic surgery: 'swollen mouths', 'Botox injections'...'a-t-elle fait ?

Michele Torr don't hesitate to admit it: she has already had recourse to aesthetic medicine … and not just once! The star confided in the subject in an interview

Michèle Torr and cosmetic surgery: what she did (or not)

' I don't mind saying that from time to time, I make injections of Botox “, she confided to the magazine We both . The 75-year-old singer now fully trusts her doctor … who prevents her from slipping! ' The last time, I asked my doctor to prick me above the lips to reduce fine lines , but he refused. According to him, the result would not have been natural. He's awesome, right? “, she rejoiced. The interpreter of the tube take me dancing tonight is well aware that sometimes the result is far too extravagant. ' Sometimes I see mouths so swollen that it becomes ridiculous “, she consented to admit. plastic surgery , yes, but in moderation!

Michèle Torr: how does she live her age?

The septuagenarian, who leads a ' very quiet life in Aix-en-Provence ', in any case feels young in spirit: ' I don't feel like I'm my age. My friends are much younger than me and I have no problem with that '. To protect his mental health, the mother of Romain Vidal, the son she had with the singer Christophe , to a secret : ' I avoid listening to the news because it always makes me want to cry . And then, there is no more human contact. Everything is done through machines and I don't understand anything about it. In my time, life was much lighter '.

Michèle Torr lives in Aix-en-Provence: her daily life with her son

Michèle Torr's son, born in 1967 and never officially recognized by his father, unfortunately suffers from multiple sclerosis. But it shows a ' extraordinary strength 'against disease , assured Michèle Torr. ' He lives right next to me, in Aix-en-Provence, and his house has just been completely adapted for his wheelchair. We have lunch together every noon, it's our little ritual “, she explained.

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Michèle Torr, who was unable to attend the funeral of singer Christophe, who died in April 2020, holds no grudge against her ex-lover: ' However, although I experienced it as an immense heartbreak, I have no bitterness against him. I forgive everything and keep only the good memories. Like with all the men I've had in my life '.

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