Michel Sardou is 75 years old, 'eaten' thanks to his wife, the love of 'little animals' and chose his death

Michel Sardou turns 75 on January 26. His marriages, his dramas, his children, his 'disappointing' DNA test, his estrangement with Johnny, but also his love illness, politics and his shock declarations... Discover the secrets of the singer who talks about the end of his life, but does not hasn't finished surprising you!

  Michel Sardou is 75 years old, 'puffed up' thanks to his wife, the'amour des "petites bêtes" et choisi sa mort

Michel Sardou turns 75 January 26! The charismatic interpreter of Love sickness rocked several generations of music lovers, who know his hits by heart, even today. A true national monument, the artist with a strong character has never left the hearts of the French. But did you know that the singer almost put on a striptease club , that he had married before the majority and that we had said in a relationship with Isabelle Morini-Bosc ? His marriages, his family dramas, his vision of end of life , his estrangement with Johnny... and his secrets .

Michel Sardou, disappointed by his DNA test

Michel Sardou was born on January 26, 1947 in Paris. He is the only son of dancer and actress Jackie Sardou a you singer and actor Fernand Sardou , whose grandmother is Italian. To find out more about his origins, Michel Sardou decided to a ADN test . ' In my head, because of my father, I saw myself as Italian since… always . I send my test. He comes back to me and what do I see? I'm 10% Italian, it's true. But everything else is Scottish, Welsh, Irish “, he told the microphone of RTL . A surprise for the interpreter of Connemara Lakes who... ' hate the english since Charles VII '.

Michel Sardou wanted to set up a strip club

Growing up, Michel Sardou is far from being a model student. Little invested in his education, he decided, at the age of 17, to to flee to Brazil in order to set up a strip club there . But his father catches him at the airport before he can get on the plane.

Michel Sardou: his meeting with Françoise Pettré

So the young man begins to perform as singer on cabaret stages in Montmartre as well as at his father's establishment, Chez Fernand Sardou. At the same time, he takes acting lessons. At the Théâtre du Châtelet, he met the gaze of the professional dancer of the Châtelet and the Paris Opera, Francoise Pettre , and married her in 1965. He was only 18 years old then, while the majority at the time was 21 years old.

Michel Sardou 'ate' thanks to his wife

For the budding young singer, it is difficult to earn his bread. It is his wife who allows him to live relatively comfortably. ' She made me eat , without her, I would never have been able to write songs and work “, he told the Parisian . About five years later, when Michel Sardou began to make himself known as an artist, their little Sandrine points the tip of his nose, then it's the turn of Cynthia to see the light of day in December 1973.

Michel Sardou, 'egocentric' with his second wife

But only a few weeks after the birth of little Cynthia, Michel Sardou becomes the father of a boy named Roman ... ne de sa affair with Elisabeth Haas , who is the sister of astrologer Christine Haas. After leading a double life for a few years, he Divorce de Françoise Pettré in 1977 and married the one who had been his mistress. In 1978, Elisabeth Haas gave birth to a little Davy . But notoriety is growing for Michel Sardou, who begins to display a diva attitude. ' She had the patience of an angel with a man who was become egocentric and navel-gazing ', had told the artist to the Parisian .

Michel Sardou and Anne-Marie Perier

Michel Sardou: his marriage to the woman of his life

Then, Michel Sardou and Elisabeth Haas divorced in 1999 . He married, shortly after, the one who was at the time the editor-in-chief of SHE , Anne-Marie Perier . Jean-Marie Périer's sister and the singer say 'yes' to the town hall of Neuilly-sur-Seine, during a ceremony officiated by Nicolas Sarkozy . Eddy Mitchell et Johnny Hallyday are moreover the groom's witnesses. A love that lasts, that lasts....

Michel Sardou: his daughter Cynthia, victim of gang rape

In 1999, Michel Sardou's daughter, Cynthia, was unfortunately victim of gang rape . An atrocity that traumatizes the young woman and annihilates her famous father. ' My father suffered a lot from my drama . It hurt him a lot. He has his silences. More than his words, it was his actions that marked me. He was always very concerned about my development and always made sure to know my feelings “, she had explained in her book call me Lilou .

Michel Sardou: his links with his son Romain

For his 47-year-old son, Romain Sardou, the links with the singer are complicated . ' We never had a calm or formal father-son discussion. He never explained life to me . He was able to say, because of this, that he had no maybe not been a good father , he is wrong. Between him and me, the transmission was made by example, by acts observed ', the writer said in Paris Match . If he would have liked a closer relationship with his father, Romain Sardou does not hold it against him.

Michel Sardou, in a relationship with Isabelle Morini-Bosc?

Isabelle Morini-Bosc has she been in a relationship with Michel Sardou ? The TPMP columnist made funny confidences, on the set of the show. In 1987, she traveled to Connemara, Ireland, to cover a program by Michel Denisot for VSD . Michel Sardou is one of the guests and it is he whom she must track, in accordance with the instructions of her editorial staff.

' I followed him all the time! And there a local reporter asked who I was and someone told him that I was the wife of Michel Sardou ', she recalled. A rumor then fuses about a supposed romance between them... before being denied . The singer does not take umbrage at this confusion. ' He doesn't care! But then I'll tell you: it wouldn't have bothered me “, joked (or not) Isabelle Morini-Bosc.

Michel Sardou is 'not easy to live with'

The strong character of Michel Sardou is not just a legend. His relatives can attest to that. ' He is bad faith personified ', according to the secrets of her friend Marie-Anne Chazal at Figaro . As for his wife Anne-Marie Périer, she does not hesitate to point out her daily behavior: ' The character he has! It's not easy to live . His outbursts are in two stages: he curls up, calms down, then half an hour later, puts on a layer '.

Michel Sardou: what are his political opinions?

As for his political views, the singer can't stand the ' left caviar ', according to the words of his friend Laurent Spielvogel at Figaro , thinks ' a little gaullist due to 'his father who' listened to him standing up when he was talking on television '. Today there is ' good nulle part ', except at Animal rights parties . ' I defend the little beasts “, he had entrusted to the microphone of RTL .

Michel Sardou: why he was cold with Johnny

Yes Michel Sardou and Johnny Hallyday remained friends for more than thirty years, this particular relationship ended because of a bad joke . ' I wanted to be witty. On stage, I wanted to do an improvisation. One day, I made fun of him, of his clan, Switzerland ...I did it without meaning any harm but someone went to tell him again. This person told him that I had laughed at his children (Jade and Joy, editor's note) . At no moment “, regretted Michel Sardou at the microphone of RTL . The singer has tried to reconnect with the rocker … in vain.

Michel Sardou wants to be 'unplugged'

Michel Sardou is in favor of right to die with dignity . He knows what he would wish for if faced with the choice of leaving this world or living in dire circumstances. ' Man must be able to have the right. I went to the hospital several times. It wasn't serious stuff… but you never know. I always fill out a paper on which I mark: ' unplug me '', he confided in the show 8:30 p.m. Sunday.

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