Michel Polnareff and Louka: 'He lives in strange conditions', secrets about his 'son'

Michel Polnareff confided in the future of his son, Louka, aged 12, with 'Paris Match'. The 78-year-old singer assures that his offspring - of which he is not the natural father - 'lives in strange conditions'...

  Michel Polnareff and Louka:"Il vit dans des conditions étranges", confidences sur son "fils"

Michel Polnareff , dad of 12-year-old Louka, thinks about his son's future. The singer, who describes himself as ' visionary ' in a new interview with Paris Match , published on November 10, referred to global warming. he who resides in the California desert. Asked about the world he will leave to his son in several decades, Michel Polnareff replied: ' Hopefully he'll go somewhere else, where it's cooler! I love Louka. He's a fantastic little guy who lives in strange circumstances, but he's strong and I have great confidence in him. “, he confided. What strange conditions is the singer talking about? Mystery…

Michel Polnareff: Louka, his son of whom he is not the biological father

Louka is the son he had with his partner Danyellah in 2010. But if, for a while, the singer of Letter to France and Love with you believed to be his biological father, he later discovered that his spouse had used an anonymous sperm donor to conceive their son. ' As a last resort, I chose an anonymous donor. He didn't ask me anything, I didn't tell him anything. I believed in an implicit agreement between us “, she had already explained to Paris Match .

If the singer had resented him at first, he then backpedaled and agreed to be a real father for Louka and a husband for Danyellah. ' I love Louka above all else. He is my heir. Between us, it's a pretty extraordinary story, almost biblical “, he then declared to the Parisian .

Michel Polnareff finds himself 'really visionary'

About the global warming , the interpreter of The Doll that Says No delivered his vision of things to Paris Match :' Global warming is not very new to me. I've been worrying about this thing for years and years and years. It's my visionary side. If you want, the interesting thing, by doing this revisit of my titles, was to see how much my themes remain topical (...) Often, I listen to some of my stuff that I find really visionary '.

Michel Polnareff: the 'horrible' period of his life

In this new interview with Paris Match , Michel Polnareff also spoke about how he experienced confinement :' Horrible. Don't even want to talk about it. It was very hard for me. I don't want to dwell on the subject, but I didn't like the reasons for this confinement. The more time passes, the more everyone will wonder why we had to endure this. It was necessary for the wrong reasons '.

Note that the singer publishes a new disc entitled Polnareff sings Polnareff, piano/voice covers of his greatest hits. Added to this is the exhibition Polnarêves in Paris.

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