Michel Polnareff: A skid in turn on Hoshi? 'Get her back on the right track', words that question

Michel Polnareff evoked the new French musical scene in the pages of 'Paris Match' published this Thursday, November 10, evoking in particular the singer Hoshi. The star had come to his defense after Fabien Lecoeuvre's criticism of his physique. But, he has since had some very surprising comments about the young star, who is openly lesbian…

  Michel Polnareff: A skid in turn on Hoshi?"La remettre dans le droit chemin", des propos qui interrogent

Michel Polnareff does not have his tongue in his pocket. The proof with his last interview for Paris Match . The singer agreed to confide in the pages of the magazine published Thursday, November 10, on the occasion of the release of his immersive experience Polnarêves in Paris, until March 2023 and the publication of his disc Polnareff sings Polnareff on the Parlophone label, at Warner.

Michel Polnareff salutes the current French music scene: but what is this remark about Hoshi?!

He said he particularly appreciates Orelsan. 'He came to see me in Brussels while I was finishing' Finally ! ' , he confided. An absolutely lovely guy who is very successful, so much the better!' Michel Polanreff added: 'There are great new things in France. I love 'Un homme', by Jérémy Frérot. This text brought me to tears. As for 'Dernier jour du disco', by Juliette Armanet, it was time for the France discovers Studio 54! It took a while, but how good are we! ' And the '70s star took the opportunity to talk about singer Hoshi. 'J'aime the brilliant production of Clara Luciani, I would like to meet Hoshi to put her back on the right track , he said with a laugh. She doesn't know what she's losing (laughs).'

But what is the singer talking about when he says he wants to put her back on the right track? And what loses the young interpreter of the tube Your sailor , openly lesbian and in a relationship with her discreet companion Gia Martinelli? We are afraid of (poorly?) understanding...

The polemic Fabien Lecoeuvre and Hoshi

Did Polnareff simply want to make a reference to the controversy around Hoshi and Fabien Lecoeuvre? ; a man whom Michel Polnareff knows very well. If he does not have a manager, it is the culture journalist who had 'advised' him for a time for his career, according to Paris Match . In April 2021, the journalist confided on Arts-Mada web radio: 'You put a poster of Hoshi in your room, do you? But she's scary' , he said. Before qualifying: 'I have nothing against this girl (...) brilliant and who has talent' , suggesting however 'that she gives her songs to sublime girls' . What to jump Michel Polnareff, who had defended Hoshi, 26 years old. 'All my support for Hoshi and the other artists he smears' , he commented.

But the damage was done. Fabien Lecoeuvre has received death threats. 'I received 990 .000 social media posts , he told Jordan de Luxe . From 400,000, the police contact you because they think there is something wrong with your account.' Hoshi reacted by saying: 'If Fabien Lecoeuvre wants to sell his new book, let him go to fairs or bookstores, but stop talking about my physique and his 'slippage' (a drift at this stage). That's enough.' The end of the controversy... or almost.

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