Michel Jonasz, defrauded by his personal assistant: nearly 400,000 euros stolen

Accused of having stolen nearly 400,000 euros from singer Michel Jonasz, mister swing's personal assistant has been convicted.

 Michel Jonasz, defrauded by his personal assistant: nearly 400,000 euros stolen

The personal assistant of Michel Jonah , who notably managed the accounts of the 75-year-old artist, was judged on Monday, September 26 by the Paris court to 18 months in prison, suspended for breach of trust and money laundering, could we read in the columns of the Parisian . The 53-year-old woman was ordered to repay the sums wrongly received. Far from being a super girl, Soraya was the secretary of the artist Michel Jonasz.

Michel Jonasz: huge sums embezzled

For more than six years, the one who managed mister swing's accounting simply abused her employer's trust for years by forging checks and sending transfers. She would have embezzled nearly 400,000 euros from the artist's accounts from 2013 to 2019. It was a second assistant who discovered the fraudulent management of the singer's accounts and denounced Soraya's embezzlement. Michel Jonasz showed himself ' rather understanding 'with the 53-year-old woman in whom he had placed all his trust, until he discovered the extent of the sums embezzled. He then resigned himself to dismissing her, according to The Parisian .

The high life of a scammer

Thanks to this fraudulent management of Michel Jonasz's accounts, the artist's former personal assistant was able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. After doubling her salary initially set at 2,400 euros per month, the scammer also offered several trips around the world to her family , notably in New York or Malta. Always according to Parisian , the sums would have been mostly donated to her husband addicted to gambling and to her daughter.

What condemnation for Michel Jonasz's ex-assistant?

If the former assistant to the author and composer of The Jazz Box acknowledged the facts, she disputes the amount of damage estimated at 398,000 euros by the courts . The latter, which considers that the majority of the funds were used to pay current bills, offered to return at most 150,000 euros. A request which was not accepted by the courts which condemns the ex-assistant to reimburse the 398,000 euros, failing which her stay will be revoked.

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