Michel Cymes affected by cancer: his 'unexpected' revelation against the disease

Michel Cymes is about to make a shocking revelation, in his new 'unexpected' book: the PAF doctor fought against cancer...

 Michel Cymes affected by cancer: his revelation"inattendue" contre la maladie

For years, the French have listened carefully to the many health advice provided by Michel Cymes through the media. Now the PAF doctor has a shocking revelation to make, according to information released by The Parisian . In a new book' unexpected ', to be released on October 5, it ' speaks for the first time about the important moments of his life ', explain the editions Stock. On September 8, the editor explained that Michel Cymes would evoke in this new work the illness he battled in secret .

Michel Cymes has recovered from cancer

The PAF doctor, now 65, was stricken with and recovered from cancer , according to the publisher. ' You will see that cancer does not only happen to others and that it is important to get screened because we do not always have the 'chance', like me, of discovering it by chance. “, said the main interested party in the presentation of his book.

In this book, the father of three boys, born in 1997, 1999 and 2011, will also discuss his journey, his youth, and other secrets waiting to be unveiled. ' A modest childhood can be the foundation of many miracles if it is happy. You will discover that family history is crucial in the construction and choices of the man I have become. ', added Michel Cymes, whose father was a discount seller and mother, a real estate negotiator.

Work to be done !

Michel Cymes, who is a hit with his magazine Dr Good - a bimonthly medical magazine - is a health ambassador for the 2024 Olympics. Entertainment TV on his missions, he replied: ' I am part of the collective Une France en forme. It is for us, under the term Move more, that the French in the wake of the 2024 Olympic Games become and remain a country of active people. For example, in addition to conferences with Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024, with sports associations, we mobilize municipalities with good advice sheets and active designs, public space layouts that encourage physical and sporting activity. . And yes, I also have a program project that I will soon be proposing to France Télévisions and which is in line with Bouger plus! '

TV, kiosks, bookstores... Michel Cymes is everywhere and does not intend to stop. A rhythm of life that seems to allow him to keep in shape! Watch out for burnout...

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