Michel Blanc: Couple, Child, Lio, Splendid, Mourning...

Michel Blanc has just celebrated his 70th birthday. Did you know that the actor was planning to embark on a (surprising) career, that he was nicknamed the 'Splendid ballbuster' and had a problem with the disease? Discover the man behind the comedian in 40 unusual facts...

  Michel Blanc: Couple, Child, Lio, Splendid, Mourning...

Michel Blanc celebrates his 70th birthday April 16! The former member of the Splendid troupe, both shy and ' ballbuster '(according to his own confidences), has come a long way since his years spent on the school benches. But what do you know of the interpreter of the awkward Jean-Claude Dusse in The Bronzed , who also became a screenwriter, director and director? His hypochondria , his high school years with famous actors , in difficult love life , his current links with the Splendid troupe , his experience of singer ... Discover the secrets of the endearing actor.

Michel Blanc was born on April 16, 1952 in Courbevoie. His father is mover then becomes frame , customs declarant. As for his mother, she is dactylographe before being chief accountant for Lacoste . At birth, doctors diagnosed him with heart murmur . Because of this birth defect, he is pampered by his parents throughout his childhood (and even after). Michel Blanc is also spared by his comrades. ' I even remember a little bully at school who sneered at me with contempt: ' You, I'm not even going to kick your ass, you're heartbroken '', he confided to Paris Match . He is so cajoled by his parents that he becomes hypochondriac . Even today, the actor remains very distressed by the disease . ' Being closer to the end than the beginning, my hypochondria does not get better. At the slightest pain, I imagine the worst “, he confided to TV Star .

Michel Blanc, pianist

If he grew up in Colombes with his parents, it was Puteaux that he spends most of his childhood. Since his father and mother come home late from work, he is often at his grandparents . It was during a French lesson that he discovered a passion for the theater . He agrees to perform a scene from the play studied in class, The Precious Ridicules ... and fall in love with comedy! Passionate about classical music, he play the piano for a few years in high school.

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He studied at the Lycée Pasteur in Neuilly-sur-Seine. There, he meets those who will become his acolytes, Gérard Jugnot, Christian Clavier and Thierry Lhermitte. Michel Blanc is far from being a blooming teenager . ' I was not meant to be young. I was convinced that I couldn't be happy until I was 30 . That's kinda what happened “, he confided to Paris Match .

At 20, Michel Blanc decided to embark on a career as a pianist , but quickly abandons this idea after a non-productive year. So this music lover makes up his mind and decides to devote to comedy with his friends from the Splendid troupe. After a few small roles, he was revealed to the general public thanks to his performance in The Bronzed , by Patrice Leconte, in 1978.

Jean-Claude Dusse, the cult bronzed

To play the role of Jean-Claude Dusse, he draws inspiration from his youth, often spent alone, he who had never little success with the fairer sex during his teenage years... He is the first to leave the Splendid troupe , in the 80s. Why did it take off so early? ' I'm an only child, I was raised on my own, I have trouble in a group “, he explained to Tele-Leisure .

In 1984 he makes his first film , Walk in the Shadow . Michel Blanc also tries his hand at song in 1985 and performs The Ultra Guy , written by Patrick Michel and Gérard Presgurvic.

Lio, love and loneliness

Michel Blanc would have lived a romance with the singer Horse in the 80s. They meet during the filming of the film Separate bedroom... But their story would be completed in the 90s. For years, Michel Blanc can't find love . It must be said that Michel Blanc is a rather clumsy seducer . ' There are people I like and sometimes I can't make them understand “, he explained to Telerama .

But from the sixties, the actor tastes the happiness of two. ' Commitment scared me , but this is no longer the case probably because I ended up meeting the right person. We live together and I'm happy “, he confided to Paris Match . The comedian refuses to reveal the identity of the chosen one of his heart . ' We do not work in the same circles. Neither she nor I want her to be labeled 'woman of '' he explained.

In 2015, Michel Blanc confided in Paris Match on his desire (or not) to become a father: ' I have nothing against the idea of ​​a child and I live with someone who is of childbearing age '. In 2004, he was awarded the Molière from the adapter for Love is a bastard's child . In 2010, the actor won the Cesar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in State Exercise, by Pierre Schoeller.

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'The Splendid's Ball Buster'

Michel Blanc continues to see his friends from the Splendid . ' I often see Gérard Jugnot and Josiane Balasko (...) that doesn't mean that I'm not friends with others, but there has to be an opportunity. My comrade Christian Claver now lives in Belgium, but I made an effort I went to see him in London “, he explained at the microphone of Europe 1 .

Michel Blanc was ' the Splendid ballbuster “, he entrusted in the emission Coffee Picouly . According to his confidences to Popcorn , the film he is most proud of having shot is Evening dress , by Bertrand Blier, in which he played with Gérard Depardieu in 1986.

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Mourning, Solitude and Nostalgia

In 2019, he loses his father , while shooting the film Doctor? . The shooting of the feature film, in which he plays a doctor, help to overcome bereavement . ' Strangely, playing this Serge, struggling to make others laugh while laughing at Hakim Jemili's jokes, helped me overcome this ordeal “, he confided to Tele-Star .

In 2021, he won the César birthday with the Splendid troupe . Is Michel Blanc ready to shoot again with his friends from the Splendid? ' I love my friends, and I tour with them when they want, but separately . We wrote Les Bronzés 3 out of frustration at not playing together (…) It's not what we did better: the magic no longer worked in the joint work . So, Les Bronzés 4, it will be without me, but I don't forbid others to do it “, he explained to Tele-Leisure .

Michel Blanc finds ' insupportable ' the ' imposed loneliness ', but when he can choose her, he calls her ' delicious “, he confided to Telerama . He likes to buy a newspaper, sit alone at a restaurant table and have a leisurely lunch there. Michael White ' hated 'the nostalgic , a feeling he finds' destructive ', but to which he does not necessarily escape, according to his confidences in Telerama . For example, he is nostalgic for the Paris of the 1960s and finds that the capital has ' lost his soul '.

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