Michel Berger: An unreleased song from the archives, the audio unveiled

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Michel Berger's death, a best of the singer's emblematic titles will be released on October 28. Among his most beautiful songs, the unreleased title 'Vivre' has just been unveiled this Friday, October 7... Listen urgently!

  Michel Berger: An unreleased song from the archives, the'audio dévoilé

30 years ago, Michel Berger passed away at the age of 44, struck down with a heart attack while playing tennis. The singer-songwriter, emblematic figure of the French repertoire, continued to travel through time with its iconic hits . To mark the symbolic anniversary of his death, the Warner Music France record company has decided to release a best of the artist's most beautiful songs.

The best of contains an unreleased track

On October 28, fans of the singer who left too soon will be able to rediscover The groupie du pianist , Diego , the one who sings or Sing for those far from home . The good news ? A new title is hidden among the covers of the ex-husband of France Gall . titled ' Live ', this song was just released on Friday, October 7. The text evokes the celebration of life and the need to take care of the planet. An avant-garde score, the artist's signature. This new album will be available in several formats, including CD edition or double vinyl.

How was born Live , the unreleased track by Michel Berger?

After the success of starmania At the end of the 1970s, the year 1980 marked a turning point in Michel Berger's career. The singer's popularity exploded with the success of titles such as The Pianist's Groupie, A few words of love or the one who sings, from the album Beausejour. Chronologically, Live was written by the singer between the songs A few words of love and Expect when his popularity is at its peak.

At this time, the vinyl medium limits the number of titles on an album. Michel Berger must therefore make choices among his creations. As Beausejour was very 80s-oriented (it was released in 1980) and that the song Live had a more 70s signature, it was ultimately not selected for this album . It is therefore nearly 40 after its creation that the general public can finally discover this treasure unearthed in the discography of Michel Berger. A boon ! As a reminder, in 2015, another unreleased song that suffered the same fate was also revealed late: Sunday by the water .

Who manages Michel Berger's inheritance?

On the death of the singer, victim of a heart attack after a tennis match in his property in Ramatuelle in the Var, his wife France Gall had scrupulously watched over his musical heritage. ' Since the death of Michel Berger, his widow France Gall, who died in 2018, and today her son, Raphaël Hamburger, keep the 'Maison Berger' very preciously, and defend its artistic heritage. “, specifies France Inter. And if few projects have appeared since his disappearance, this does not prevent other artists from wanting or being able to do covers. But everything is not so simple …

' On the other hand, cover projects are scrutinized by the rights holders of the artists. Even if, in France, nothing forbids anyone to cover anyone's songs (as long as we pay royalties), the beneficiaries still retain a 'moral right' to the work “, add our colleagues.

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