Menstrual Mask: Why shouldn't you put that blood on your face?

Putting period blood on her face to get better skin? This is the new trend shared by young women on the TikTok social network. But this blood is not at all clean, warns Dr. Odile Bagot, gynecologist.

 Menstrual Mask: Why shouldn't you put that blood on your face?

[Updated October 17, 2022 at 8:46 a.m.] A new beauty trend is developing on social networks, the menstrual mask . This facial treatment is made with blood from rules of the woman and would have virtues for the skin (softness, shine, radiance, etc.). Many videos on TikTok and Instagram are circulating about it to promote it with the hashtag '#Periodbloodfacemask' . New wacky buzz or real beauty tip? For the Dr Odile Bagot, gynecologist , the answer is clear: 'It's catastrophic !'

Menstrual blood is made up of blood and dead tissue from the uterine lining . ' As long as it is present in the uterus, the blood is sterile. But as soon as he comes out into the open, he becomes a bouillon de cultures ' recalls the expert. In other words, it is a nest of bacteria .

'It's like smearing rot on your face'

' If you have delicate skin, the slightest acne or abrasion, doing this 'mask' is going to be dangerous for the skin and absolutely unhygienic. Of the germs will grow quickly . Do not put menstrual blood on the skin, it's like smearing rot on your face ' supports the gynecologist. In addition, Dr. Bagot points out that the skin is impermeable which means that in any case even if the blood of the rules contained regenerating cells as we can read on certain posts (it is obviously false) , they did not cross the skin anyway.

Thanks to Dr. Odile Bagot, gynecologist.