Meghan Markle (finally) acclaimed by the crowd... but stripped of her royal title? PICTURES

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry landed in Dusseldorf, Germany on September 6. (Extremely) rare fact: the Duchess of Sussex was warmly cheered by the crowd! Despite everything, the queen would threaten to strip him of his royal title...

A cheering crowd, autographs signed, a red carpet rolled out. It's been a long time since Meghan Markle hadn't received so many accolades from the public. On September 6, the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry landed at Dusseldorf in Germany , on the occasion of a reception given a year before the launch of the Invictus Games, in 2023. And the spouses were welcomed with great fanfare! A real change of atmosphere, especially for Meghan Markle, who had given a little acclaimed speech the day before (to put it mildly) at the One Young World summit in Manchester.

Meghan Markle booed in Manchester

' It's good to be back in the UK “, had released Meghan Markle in front of the assembly, before being immediately boo . While the wife of prince Harry gave a speech on the ambition and the future of the young generation, the Anglo-Saxon press reproached him for an egocentric harangue. ' She referred to herself 54 times in a 7-minute speech ', consider for example the Daily Mail , relatively pro Kate Middleton for several years...

Meghan Markle, soon deprived of her royal title?

It should also be remembered that during the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, last June, Meghan Markle was booed by the crowd when she arrived in front of Saint Paul's Cathedral in London. Far from being popular, the Duchess of Sussex – who pays for her outspokenness, her criticism of the royal family or her lack of respect for the protocol imposed on the crown – could therefore soon find herself stripped of her royal title , according to the analysis of the royal expert Ducan Larcombe. This one recently assured on the British channel GB News  that Elizabeth II would not have ' no other choice ' than removing the royal titles from Prince Harry and his wife. It must be said that they have abandoned their roles as senior members of the royal family since January 2020! Since then, they have lived in Los Angeles with their two children, Archie and Lilibet.

The latter, who have signed many lucrative deals with Netflix or Spotify to ensure their financial independence, will they still be as attractive to the general public (and brands) without any title?