Meghan Markle breaks the silence after the death of Elizabeth II: her (un)expected confidences

More than a month after the death of Elizabeth II, Meghan Markle confides (finally) to 'Variety' about her (tense?) relationship with the queen, her mourning and that of her husband as well as the 'complicated period' they go through...

  Meghan Markle breaks silence after death'Elizabeth II : ses confidences (in)attendues

More than a month has passed since the death of Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle has finally just spoken for the first time on the death of the monarch. If many rumors have fused about a supposed enmity between the queen and the wife of the prince Harry , this one wants to cut it short by praising the merits of the sovereign, in an interview with Variety , published on October 19. ' She was the most telling example of female leadership. I feel a deep gratitude to have been able to share time with her and to have been able to get to know her “, confided to the magazine the one who shed a tear (of a crocodile?) at the funeral of Elizabeth II.

Meghan and Harry facing mourning: a 'complicated period'

Meghan Markle also spoke about the reaction of her husband, Prince Harry, to the death of his beloved grandmother. ' I am grateful to have been able to be with my husband to support him, especially during this time. (...) It was a complicated time but my husband, with his unfailing optimism, said: ' Now she is with her husband ', reported the Duchess of Sussex. Asked about her relationship with Elizabeth II, Meghan Markle simply said: ' I feel lucky. And I continue to be proud to have had a beautiful relationship with the matriarch of the family. “. Sincere answer or way to kick in touch?

' In the great moments of life, you have a lot of hindsight. It makes you wonder where you want to focus your energy “, she explained to Variety  about her mourning and, above all, that of her husband . ' Right now, we feel energized and energized by all the things we have built ourselves towards . We also focus on our foundation. Much of the work we do includes the philanthropic space “, she clarified.

Meghan Markle: why she apologized to ... Paris Hilton

Meghan Markle has indeed been rather busy lately. Last summer, the mother of Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, launched her first feminist podcast, Archetypes . In the most recent episode, the Duchess of Sussex receives Paris Hilton , who made him many confidences.

But before this interview, Prince Harry's wife was particularly stressed and confessed to the rich heiress! ' I was embarrassed to admit it, but I had a judgment based on everything I'd seen about her, and I don't like having preconceptions. ', confided Meghan Markle. And to detail: ' My opinion of Paris Hilton was largely based on jealousy and judgment, two very dangerous things. ¨Then she told me about her traumas, her life... And finally, I said to her: ' I'm so sorry for judging you ''.