Meghan Markle: bitterness, refusal to modernize the royal family, the Duchess 'does not like to lose'!

Barely the announcement of the return of Meghan Markle and Harry to England next September revealed, that the news is immediately clouded... According to an expert from the royal family, the young woman would be very bitter towards the family of her husband.

 Meghan Markle: bitterness, refusal to modernize the royal family, the Duchess 'n'aime pas perdre"!

The news caused a stir: Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle would be back on British soil next September, notably to attend the One Young World Summit on September 5 in Manchester. A major announcement as we know that the relationship between the exiled couple in the United States and the rest of the royal family is tense. But behind this apparent good news, the reality would be quite different...

Meghan Markle bitter for failing to modernize the royal family

According to Angela Levin, expert on the crown of England, the couple would not have digested their ousting from their royal functions. More so, according to her, the Duchess of Sussex would be ' extremely bitter 'to have been unable to' modernize the royal family '. Wondering about the program of their visit next September to Europe, presented in an extremely detailed way by Meghan and Harry, the specialist was surprised at their return so quickly, after celebrating 70 years of Elizabeth's rule. II And Angela Levin has her own idea on the matter...

Harry and Meghan Markle, towards an 'alternative royal family'?

According to the royal biographer, the couple does not intend to disappear from the royal radar: ' I've thought for a while now that Harry and Meghan are creating an alternative royal family , she says on her account Twitter . With all the grandeur and pomp that surrounds it .” For Angela Levin, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, although determined to leave their official roles – and their constraints – are not ready to draw a line under all their advantages. Starting with Meghan Markle, who wishes well capitalize on his grandiose union.

Meghan Markle bitterness towards the royal family: she 'doesn't like to lose, she likes to win!'

The commentator continues by pointing out the attitude of the Duchess. ' And I think Meghan, who doesn't like to lose, she likes to win, feels tremendous bitterness and resentment towards the Royal Family for not letting her modernize her. 'Behind this resentment, an ambiguity updated by the journalist:' J I'm probably wrong, I hope that's the case, but they give the impression that they no longer want to be working members of the royal family, while clinging very very tightly to their titles .'

The mother of Archie 3 years old, and Lilibeth 1 year old, who has just celebrated her 41st birthday, has not said her last word and intends to take advantage of the royal aura of her husband. A few months before the highly anticipated release of Prince Harry's autobiography, which once again risks being talked about...