Meghan Markle and Mariah Carey talk about their misadventures with their curly hair

Because of their naturally curly hair, Meghan Markle and Mariah Carey have had bad experiences with professional hairdressers unaccustomed to working on their manes. The two stars confided in a female podcast.

 Meghan Markle and Mariah Carey talk about their misadventures with their curly hair

After Serena Williams, it's Mariah Carey who was invited by Meghan Markle to participate in her podcast Archetypes , available on Spotify, which aims to fight against gender stereotypes, of which women in particular are victims. For this second show called 'the duality of diva', the Duchess of Sussex and the singer discussed the difficulty of having your hair done when you have the naturally curly hair.

Mariah Carey's textured hair

In this podcast released on August 30, Meghan Markle evokes the lack of representation of women and mixed race during her adolescence, before the arrival of Mariah Carey who marked her a lot in the clip Dreamlover , in particular because of curly hair of the singer. Thus, the discussion turned to the problems faced by the two stars due to their natural hair. ' Here's the problem : they didn't know how to do my hair, because he was a white hairdresser who had never dealt with textured hair “, recalls Mariah Carey about the clip Dreamlover. Although she had a personal hairdresser who worked textured hair, the singer admits that he did not always know how to enhance his curls which he styled with ' too many products '.

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Meghan Markle's curly hair

Like Mariah Carey, Prince Harry's wife has also known bad hair experiences because of her natural hair. Meghan Markle explains in this podcast that she once had hair that was way too greasy when professional hairdressers tried to 'smooth' its roots.

The mom-of-two also revealed a hair anecdote with her maternal grandmother, Jeannette, who tried to braid her. ' She said 'hold on to the sink' and I clutched my little hands on both sides. You don't have the luxury of being tender,' said Meghan Markle, who recently showed off her curly hair for the first time.