Medical rhinoplasty, the alternative to modifying your nose without surgery

A small bump on the nose, a drooping tip, a slight asymmetry… It is possible to correct an imperfection without resorting to surgery thanks to the technique of medical rhinoplasty. How it works ? We take stock with Dr. David Modiano, aesthetic doctor in Paris.

  medical rhinoplasty,'alternative pour modifier son nez sans chirurgie

Certain physical characteristics can become a source of complexes. Especially when it comes to the nose…in the middle of the face. Fortunately, sometimes a little nudge is enough to regain self-confidence and reconnect with its image. The good news ? It is possible to correct the appearance of your nose without surgery . In effect, medical rhinoplasty, also known as 'rhinoplasty without surgery' is a technique that allows in just a few minutes to change the appearance of the nose and beautify the profile. What is this method? Who is she talking to ? Answers.

What is Medical Rhinoplasty?

In the past, only cosmetic surgery made it possible to modify the appearance of the nose. Today, there is a much simpler and less invasive solution: medical rhinoplasty. ' Medical rhinoplasty is a non-surgical technique that consists of sculpting the nose using injections of hyaluronic acid . 'explains Dr. David Modiano. This method, which has the advantage of offering immediately visible results ' includes rare risks “, assures the doctor. She is also reversible and not final : ' hyaluronic acid is an absorbable product . This means that in the event of a problem, it is possible to remove it. Patients are reassured to know that there is an antidote to hyaluronic acid ', he adds.

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For who ?

Medical rhinoplasty allows to correct many aesthetic problems . Notably, ' when the patient presents a small bump on the nose, a nose that is too sunken or too raised, but also to correct a nose surgery which has small imperfections. Finally, it is a technique that allows rejuvenate the nose because with age, it evolves: it lengthens, thickens. Medical rhinoplasty will allow the patient to find his nose back ', confides the aesthetic doctor.

From what age?

The growth of the nose ends at the age of 16, it is quite possible to consider a medical rhinoplasty from this age. However, if the patient is a minor, he must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Medical rhinoplasty or surgical rhinoplasty: how to choose?

Surgical rhinoplasty requires a heavy and invasive procedure with hospitalization and recovery time, which is not the case with medical rhinoplasty. However, it is not always possible to resort to injections . ' A nose with a bump that is too high or too prominent, for example, cannot be treated with medical rhinoplasty. ', specifies Dr. David Modiano. As soon as a non-surgical rhinoplasty is possible, the patient will be able to take advantage of immediate results thanks to a quick procedure . ' Only a few minutes ', assures the specialist. And add ' The other advantage of medical rhinoplasty is that it does not distort a person's face . She keeps her personality “, emphasizes the aesthetic doctor. Finally, unlike cosmetic surgery, this intervention does not lead to social eviction . “The patient arrives in the morning, she can then go straight back to work” , recalls Dr. David Modiano.

How is an intervention carried out?

Just because this procedure is quick doesn't mean it should be taken lightly. A medical rhinoplasty is an act to be taken seriously. Also, during the first consultation, the doctor takes the time to detail the protocol and the risks associated with the intervention. ' The first consultation starts with a photo shoot which allows to determine the problem as well as the feasibility. It is also an opportunity to inform about the course of the session and any complications. Then the patient has a reflection period of at least 24 hours. If she decides to use injections, she comes back to the office for the procedure. “, details the specialist.

As for pain, Dr. David Modiano wants to be reassuring. ' It is not necessary to apply an anesthetic beforehand because the product already contains it. It's very painless . And for more comfort, we work with micro-fine needles . They allow to sculpt the nose with great precision. The entire procedure takes less than five minutes!' . The practitioner performs a touch-up approximately one month after the first injection to adjust the asymmetry if necessary.

Most of the time, the doctor corrects the aesthetics of the nose, but he can also work around the nose to create a sham effect. ' If we inject, for example, the valley of tears or the nasolabial fold, we can give the impression of a shorter nose. says the professional. Instant but temporary results. ' The effects are visible 18 months after the procedure, but often it can be much longer ' , says the aesthetic doctor.

Before after

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What are the dangers ?

Medical rhinoplasty has few contraindications. ' Do not be pregnant, do not breastfeed “, details Dr. David Modiano.

What is the cost of medical rhinoplasty?

The price varies according to the number of syringes of hyaluronic acid used and the area injected. Dr. David Modiano offers a price starting from 650€ for a medical rhinoplasty. But very often, it is the whole of the face that is treated. ' We will offer approximately one in three patients profiloplasty , that is to say that we will also work on the volume of the chin and the lips to obtain a more harmonious profile '. In all cases, the doctor will draw up an estimate.

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