Meals at 1 euro: for precarious students until Christmas

The Minister of Higher Education, Sylvie Retailleau, announced that students in a precarious situation, even without scholarships, will be able to benefit from the '1 euro meal' system until the end of 2022.

  Meal at 1 euro: for precarious students up to'à Noël

This is good news for all students in a precarious situation. Political guest of Sud Radio this Monday, November 7, the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Sylvie Retailleau, announced that students affected by precariousness, whether they are scholarship holders or not, will now be able to claim meals at 1 euro served in the Crous university restaurants. They can benefit until Christmas . 'I am fully aware of the difficulties experienced by students and the first message I want to convey to them is that they must not remain isolated and that they contact the Crous, which can offer them a meal for 1 euro' , said Sylvie Retailleau, before adding ' no question of cutting back on the portions .' A statement that echoes recent news and the complaints of many students in Brittany who denounced the quantity and quality of meals served in certain Crous restaurants.

Who has the right to the meal at 1 euro?

Until now, meals at 1 euro were reserved for scholarship students on social criteria in Crous university restaurants. According to the government, since 2020, the year the device was launched, 'nearly 32 million meals were served for one euro to scholarship students or identified as precarious by the Crous.' With this new promise from the executive, meals at 1 euro are also accessible for non-scholarship students, who are in a precarious situation. Scholarship students are still entitled to it.

How to benefit from the meal at 1 euro without being a scholarship holder?

In principle, to apply for the meal at 1 euro, the non-scholarship student must apply online on the website . He must provide some information, including his proof of schooling and documents attesting to his financial situation, after which the file is studied by the social service of the Crous which accepts or not the request.

Following the Minister's recent announcement, students who consider themselves in a precarious situation, and who are not scholarship holders, will be able to obtain meals directly at 1 euro without giving any specific proof. 'At the same time, the Crous will study the student's file. If the criteria match, he will continue to benefit from the system, otherwise it will stop' , detailed Sylvie Retailleau.