Mauro Colagreco: a documentary in the intimacy of the chef on Canal+

A new documentary on Mauro Colagreco and his restaurant Mirazur will soon be broadcast on Canal+. Find out what it is.

  Mauro Colagreco: a dans documentary'intimité du chef sur Canal+

[Updated October 24, 2022 at 10:46 a.m.] Fans of gastronomy, note the date of November 7 in your diary. That day, the group will broadcast an unpublished documentary called Mirazur, from the stars to the moon, from 8:55 p.m. on Channel+Docs . It will also be available on myCANAL.

The documentary will immerse you in the intimacy of the chef Mauro Colagreco and of his wife Julia , to discover his cuisine and his inspirations. The three-starred chef tells how he redesigned his restaurant to make it an eco-responsible place serving natural cuisine, influenced by the rhythm of the moon. In short, a real dive into the heart of the universe of the man who won the title of Best Restaurant in the World in 2019 , and which has redesigned its offer since the global pandemic. In the meantime, discover Mauro Colagreco's biography and journey below.

A biography without borders from Loiseau to Passard

Born on October 5, 1976 in La Plata, Argentina, the cook discovered his job quite late . Like his father, he first embraced the joys of accounting and numbers before plunging your nose into the pots at the Gato Dumas Institute in Buenom/s Aires. Mauro then decides to go to Europe in 2001.” I hesitated with Spain, for the language, and because of the phenomenon Ferran Adria, the Catalan chef. But France remained the reference for the acquisition of traditional bases. '

With a few words of French in his pocket, he arrives at the hotel school in La Rochelle. His first internship took place at Bernard Loiseau , a memorable experience for anyone discovering a whole new culture. 'There, I learned new things every day; it was extraordinary. In particular the work on the sauces which was avant-garde at that time. ' Mauro then goes to Paris to the vegetable master, Alain Passard , ' a constantly creative chef, an inspiring master for my career. ' The Italo-Argentinian will then discover the Plaza Athénée by Alain Ducasse and the Grand Véfour by Guy Martin, two great personalities who gave the chef confidence.

Where are Mauro Colagreco's restaurants?

  le mirazur sans plastic mauro colagreco

In 2006, an acquaintance introduced him to Le Mirazur, an abandoned 1930s villa nestled on the outskirts of Menton. The polyglot seizes the opportunity and decides to settle there . Located just 50 meters from the Italian border, the land of his grandmother, the restaurant has a sublime garden-orchard where the chef can grow his fruits, vegetables and other magical herbs. Recognition is rapid: a first star in 2007, a second in 2012... before the great 2019 vintage allowing him, not only, to win a third macaron, but also to receive the title of best restaurant in the world (The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2019) . The Mirazur is also the first restaurant in the world to receive the Plastic Free Certification® .

Since 2017, Mauro Colagreco has found a foothold in Paris. With GrandCoeur, the starred chef offers brasserie cuisine made from quality products . Mediterranean influences are obviously present on the plates. The cook has also partnered with the Barrière group in two of their hotels, Les Neiges in Courchevel, and Le Majestic in Cannes . Finally, in 2019, the chef opened La Pecora Negra, a pizzeria facing the sea and the port. ' I wanted to open an easily accessible address, immediately, totally relaxed, especially for locals. ' With its pizzas at low prices, success is at the rendezvous.

Quel est le type de cuisine de Mauro Colagreco?

Although he has perfected his notoriety through several participations in Top Chef in Italy and France or through his book Mirazur, it is in the kitchen that Mauro shines the most. Can we really describe in a few words the richness of its culinary heritage? At once Argentinian, Italian and French, inspired by the sea, the mountains or his garden, the chef's cuisine is universal, without a doubt. . And from Menton, for sure, through the famous lemon that he sets out to highlight, just like the citrus of the Riviera, le safran de Sospe et l'huile d'olive.

Each year, the chef can create nearly 250 new plates . Their commonalities? Clean, painterly, colorful and bold. Basically, nothing is ever fixed in a menu signed Mauro. ' I create so many recipes that will remain on the menu for one or three years. But also others who will only stay one day, only one service... '

In November 2021, Mauro Colagreco sort son nouveau livre, The Taste of the Family , where he reveals the best recipes from his childhood in Argentina. A way for him to make his kitchen accessible.

What are Mauro Colagreco's signature recipes?

If there is a seasonal recipe that is not likely to leave the tables of the Mirazur anytime soon, it is its Beet , caviar sauce. ' I created a dish inspired by the work of a market gardener from the north of France, Annie Bertin. She showed me what she did with a beet, which she subjected to two vegetative cycles. 'Cooked in a salt crust, after two seasons spent in the ground then sliced ​​into a carpaccio and covered with caviar, this beetroot is probably one of his greatest culinary successes. As a bonus, the bagna cauda squid, crapaudine beetroot, fondant brill from Menton and celery mousseline or fondant mushroom tart are the chef's must-have recipes, according to Véronique André's book 'Little Secrets of Great Chefs', published in September 2021 by Hachette Pratique editions.

Other Divine Pleasure: Naranjo en Flor, a dessert that looks like an Argentine tango with its surprising flavors. There is a saffron cream, an almond foam and an orange sorbet. The strength of citrus combined with a skilful play of textures: this is the signature of the maestro of Menton!