Mathieu (ADP) divorced from Alexandre... but soon to be a dad! He says everything about his current GPA

Mathieu and Alexandre, favorite couple of viewers of 'Love is in the meadow' on M6, separate. But Mathieu does not abandon his desires for paternity. He has already started the process to welcome a baby...

  Mathieu (ADP) divorced from'Alexandre... mais bientôt papa ! Il dit tout sur sa GPA en cours

It is very sad news announced by Matthew and Alexander . The couple, who had met in the famous M6 show Love is in the meadow in 2020, divorce about a year after the wedding, where other candidates from the program were invited as well as the host, Karine Le Marchand . However, the former lovebirds seemed more than complicit and even had plans to start a family.

Mathieu (ADP) divorced: he does not renounce paternity

The former couple had already initiated a procedure GPA in Colombia to have a child. According to the confidences of Mathieu, who was invited on the set of the show At Jordan's , on September 12, the future baby was to ' arrive within fifteen months .' And the ex-candidate of the rural dating show is determined to pursue his paternity projects, to explain: ' I'm having a baby solo. I organize my professional life to work from home. The decision is that I'm going to make the baby alone. So I left to give my seed '.

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Since he is now separated from Alexandre, Mathieu promised to ' redouble the love 'for this future child.' I don't want to bring a child into an already separated household. It's not possible e', he added before expressing his impatience at the idea of ​​becoming a dad: ' I can not stand it anymore. I am a father through and through '.

Mathieu (ADP): Who will be the godfathers of the future baby?

The old participant of Love is in the meadow has even already planned some details. ' The baby's godfather will be Jérôme from Love is in the meadow of my season, and the godmother will be my sister . Then, I am the godfather of my sister's children. It's normal that she is the godmother of my child “, he explained.

As for the reasons for this sudden separation, Mathieu made vague confidences to Jordan De Luxe: ' We lived two extraordinary years, really. We did a lot of trips. But at one point, Alexandre struggled to find his place. I think he needed a quieter, less turbulent life. He wanted to be stable, a more classic life '.

Karine Le Marchand: Her reaction to the divorce

Karine Le Marchand , who attended the birth of this couple and has always kept in touch with Mathieu and Alexandre since, had, she sensed that the separation was imminent between the two former lovers. ' I told her right away and she told me she felt it. That the last time we had eaten together, she had felt... She told me that she had already felt Alexandre gone. While I hadn't felt it but I was in the middle of the thing “, recalled Mathieu. The divorce must be pronounced this fall.