MasterChef: Who was eliminated on Tuesday, August 30

This week in MasterChef, the nine contestants faced the terrible test of the mystery box. Who was eliminated? Answer.

  MasterChef: Who was eliminated on Tuesday, August 30

[Updated August 31, 2022 at 9:07 a.m.] The cooking show MasterChef is back on France 2 since Tuesday, August 23. In the program ? Dishes that are more gourmet and creative than each other, which the new jury of chefs decide between each week. This Tuesday, August 30, the nine candidates in the running took up the challenge of the mystery box and one candidate was eliminated. Find out who it is.

Summary of the 2nd episode of MasterChef

For this second week of competition, the candidates took up the challenge of the mystery box, with a box containing ingredients selected by the jury: squid, black pudding, mushrooms, tapioca pearls had to be part of the composition of the dishes. Alice won this event hands down and won her ticket for next week, while Zaccharie found himself directly in last chance.

During the second round, Frédéric Anton asked the participants to create a monochrome plate in 2 hours. Marc and Dao won this challenge with their black plate, while Samira and Emmanuel also qualified with their yellow plate. Finally, for the pressure test, the candidates had 1 hour to cook the zucchini. Clara, François and Zaccharie qualified and John was eliminated.

Who is the new MasterChef jury?

Thierry Marx , two-star chef, ready to ' choose the best plate ', is present alongside Yves Camdeborde who returns to the show. The creator of the concept of bistronomy participated in four seasons on TF1. They share the screen with a former contestant and finalist of the first season of MasterChef, Georgiana Viou .

Who is the animatrice of MasterChef?

The host who succeeds Sandrine Quétier is none other than Agathe Lecaron . The presenter had already lent herself somewhat to the exercise by ensuring the presentation of Top Boss season 2 on M6, in tandem with Stéphane Rotenberg.

Who are the candidates?

For this new season of MasterChef, 18 candidates were on the starting line. All are amateur cooks and dream of submitting their creations to the greatest French chefs. Here is the full list of candidates:

  • Alice, 27 ans, Paris, Web designer
  • Caroline, 28 years old, Bordeaux, Solidarity project manager
  • Clara, 31 years old, La Chapelle de Guinchay, Interior designer
  • Dao, 44, Geneva, Director of Adult Education
  • Déborah, 24 years old, Les Lilas, Culinary Content Creator
  • Emmanuelle, 46 years old, Le Mas d'Agenais, Manager of a leisure center
  • Eva, 24 years old, Toulouse, actress
  • Jean, 39 years old, Lille, Consultant trainer
  • Jean-François, 49 years old, Bois-Colombes, Communications Director
  • Kimlinh, 33, Draguignan, Unemployed
  • Marc-Amaury, 34 years old, Nantes, Graphic designer
  • Morgan, 33, Baist-Thy, Car Salesman
  • Raoul, 47 years old, Lille, Logistics Director in Pharmacy
  • Samira, 36 years old, Dilbeek, childcare worker
  • Sébastien, 38 years old, Lyon, Primeur
  • Sylvie, 55, Varen, flower grower
  • Vincent, 34 years old, Marsillargues, Salesperson
  • Zachary, 26 years old, Bordeaux, Hydraulic engineer

What is the broadcast day of MasterChef?

The first episode of MasterChef was broadcast on August 23, 2022, at 9:10 p.m., on France 2. Viewers can find the show every Wednesday for eight weeks. The winner will win 100,000 euros.