Mask Singer season 4: Two stars still in competition revealed by Laurent Ruquier?! [Spoilers]

This Tuesday, September 20, 2022, TF1 broadcast the rest of season 4 of its show 'Mask Singer'. Entertainment presented by Camille Combal with Chantal Ladesou, Kev Adams, Jeff Panacloc and Vitaa. If several stars are still in the running, Laurent Ruquier seems to have unveiled two even before the next bonus…

  Mask Singer season 4: Two stars still in competition revealed by Laurent Ruquier?! [Spoilers]

[Updated September 22, 2022 at 10:19 a.m.] The fourth season of Mask Singer has been broadcast on TF1 since August 23, 2022, and it is still host Camille Combal who is in charge. A program produced by the production company Hervé Hubert Productions. While 5 episodes have already been broadcast, there are still a slew of characters to discover and the jury is continuing the investigation. Laurent Ruquier would he have on his side spilled the beans about the identity of two stars still in competition?! He made one of his boarders uncomfortable in The Big Heads the RTL...

Did Laurent Ruquier reveal the identity of two stars in competition?

On Wednesday September 21, Laurent Ruquier hosted a new issue of Big heads on RTL and, during his traditional round of presentation of his columnists of the day, he mentioned the presence of Christophe Beaugrand by declaring: ' A Big Head who also does White Bear on TF1, Christophe Beaugrand! I saw you last night, I recognized you, a guy who breaks his face and who sings out of tune... It can only be you, Beaugrand (...) And who tries to jump in addition Keen V, l 'Elephant, look like nothing because as you are both disguised, there can be no trial for harassment.

A way to confirm what many viewers already think about the identity of the star under this costume? Uncomfortable, Christophe Beaugrand may have dropped a ' no, I don't see what you are talking about Laurent ', few believed it... Then, visibly aware of having been grilled, Christophe Beaugrand finally retorted: ' I sang just... But stop swinging the names of all the participants! '

Who was unmasked in Mask Singer season 4?

At the end of the last bonus to date, that of September 20, 9 stars have been unmasked . Out of competition include the actor and brief singer David Hasselhoff , who was hiding under the cobra costume. An international star following in the footsteps of Teri Hatcher, a participant from the previous season. And, during the 5th bonus, a bonus character was also discovered, the one behind the Construction Cone costume. And it's about... Michel Ansault . It is the husband of Chantal Ladesou, which was therefore trapped because not aware of the participation of her husband. ' It's not in your interest to be my husband, because you're going to hear me (...) Olala, I'm ashamed (...) You're going home on foot! 'said the star to the laughter of the audience.

Let us also quote Marianne James (the baby), Frederic Diefenthal (Gingerbread), Marion Bartoli (and Close), Yoann Riou (the genius), Laetitia Milot (the mouse), Christine Chollet (the Dalmatian) as well as Francis Huster (the Pharaoh). During the last prime, a new star was unmasked: Laurent Maistret (Knight). ' I'm disgusted they took me out like a mess on a prime where I didn't even dance! I didn't even do Michael Jackson. You have to get me back into the group. Because the next one was Michael Jackson and I told myself that I shouldn't go out before I did. “, he confided in the program.

Which characters are still in competition?

With the new issue of this 4th season, this Tuesday September 20, 2022 on TF1, there were still various stars to discover: the Knight, the Elephant, the Bride, the Bear, the Monkey and the Tortoise . On Instagram, the production had unveiled in advance an exclusive index to discover who is hiding behind the bear... And many are betting on the host Christophe Beaugrand ! It remains to be seen whether they were right.... The latter, who covered the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London, obviously remains silent.

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The episode of September 20 was placed under the sign of love. ' The destinies of our characters will be linked: they will play their place as a duo! Also, a guest investigator will appear! Who is behind this costume? “, confided the show on his Instagram account with a video of the costume in question. Several viewers are convinced that this love aspect is linked to the possible participation of Alizée (in the costume of the monkey) and her husband Grégoire Lyonnet. Are they right?

Which star participated twice?

During the September 20 prime, viewers were able to see a star already seen in the program make a new appearance! In effect, comedian Francis Huster was hiding under a new costume, that of the Viking . The actor, unmasked, then joined the team of investigators.

Francis Huster justified his very unexpected presence on the program by a desire to make the theater known to the general public and particularly to the youngest. 'I told myself that this was the way to reach millions of young people by explaining to them that Molière is not made for an elite. That Molière belongs to them ', the actor told the magazine Gala .

What audience for this 4th season of Mask Singer?

Since its launch, Mask Singer suffers from the war between TF1 and Canal +. According to the first channel ' more than two million households have been deprived of TF1 group programs since the signal was cut off by Canal Plus ' since September 2. Canal criticizes its competitor for being too financially greedy with regard to the price claimed to broadcast the programs of the TF1 group.

The new season launch Mask Singer attracted 3.12 million viewers (score of the first part of the evening). The second bonus was seen by 3.27 million followers, the third bonus attracted 2.7 million followers and the fourth 2.8 million. The September 20 bonus, for its part, came in 2nd position in the audience with 2.7 million viewers.

Qui compose le jury de Mask Singer?

For this 4th season, TF1 has called on an almost new jury. Whether Kev Adams is always present to lead the investigation, this time he has the singer by his side Vitaa , comedian Jeff Panacloc as well as the actress and comedian Chantal Ladesou . This one, mocked by her comrades in the Big heads of RTL - of which she is a regular resident - on her lack of knowledge, admitted that she is not very good at carrying out the investigation but on the other hand, she knows how to set the mood. ' I had a problem, when I was offered this because I already don't recognize anyone without a mask. But hey, I get there anyway because I cheat a little on my comrade next door “, she said in a press conference, according to Planet, referring to the help of Jeff Panacloc.

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' It's very pleasant… I'm not bored at all (...) Kev is a very good friend. He helped us a lot “, added Chantal Ladesou. And, above all, the public adores her!” I was afraid of this new jury but Chantal Ladesou makes me die of laughter, she does good for this kind of program ' ; ' Passion Chantal Ladesou, already the best recruit of newcomers to the jury '; 'As you might expect, Chantal Ladesou does her show on the show, it's a treat. Great to have recruited her as an investigator' or ' Drop everything to become Chantal Ladesou “, can we for example read on Twitter.