Martine Chardon: return to a mythical speaker who left too young

Remember. Martine Chardon shone on the screen as a speaker from the 80s to 2000. The charming ex-host, who died of cancer in 2003, would have celebrated her 75th birthday on November 13. Back on his journey, his loves, his beautiful days...

  Martine Chardon: return to a mythical speaker who left too young

Do you remember Martine Chardon? The ex-animator would have turned 75 on November 13, 2022. Died young on the following day of cancer, one of the most outstanding announcers on French television has evoked strong, burning or lighter subjects in its various broadcasts, has been acclaimed several times, and has shown the extent of its talent by officiating (among other things) on the radio. Back to the journey of this announcer whose memory has remained etched in memory lots of viewers...

Who was Martine Chardon? A colonel's daughter turned announcer

Martine Chardon was born in 1947 in Tunis, Tunisia, raised by a colonel father, named Henri Chardon. Because of his work, the family traveled a lot during Martine Chardon's childhood, which left her luggage in Senegal, Madagascar and Germany.
It's certain France 3 Marseilles that Martine Chardon does his first steps on television in 1973, while speakerine . Two years later, Antenna 2 hiring in Paris for a summer in replacement of Renée Legrand ... before officially hiring him on the channel.

What were Martine Chardon's TV highlights?

In are magazine Today life , it collects strong testimonials, including that of the first victim of incest to tell his story openly. A heartbreaking moment and remained in the annals.
After taking a short detour via TF1, she returns to France 3 for host the show Life at Heart , then, from 1991 to 2003, the presenter co-hosted the religious debate program Agape on France 2, broadcast on Sunday mornings. The show also received the Senate Prize for best tv debate in 1998.

Martine Chardon, jack-of-all-trades

The host also gives voice on the airwaves. In the 1980s, Martine Chardon notably presented a health magazine on Blue Radio . She also won the Prize for best cardiovascular disease radio magazine , awarded by the French Federation of Cardiology . Just that! Decidedly versatile, the journalist animated several debates for the CNED on education issues, with scientists and academics, live from Futuroscope of Poitiers.

Who were Martine Chardon's husband and children?

On the heart side, she marries Bernard Arsimoles , a doctor from Toulon, with whom she has a daughter named Sophie Arsimoles , who later became a journalist at RTL until 2008. Then, she married the television journalist Robert Pietri, with whom she has a son, Benjamin .

What did Martine Chardon die of?

Unfortunately, she died in November 2003 , only 56 years old , swept away by cancer.