Marlène Jobert is 80: past, injuries, love with Johnny and VGE...

Marlène Jobert blows out her 80 candles on November 4. What happened to the famous actress, battered child who was credited with a romance with VGE and Johnny? His family, his passions, his terrible accident, his schemes with Chantal Goya: here are his most amazing secrets...

  Marlène Jobert is 80: past, injuries, love with Johnny and VGE...

Marlene Jobert celebrates its 80 years old November 4th! If the actress has disappeared from the public scene for several decades, no one has forgotten her grace, her aura, her roles with cinema giants and her charming freckles... Lately, the former actress has lent his voice to tell stories children's tales in CDs, writes them too, and has seen several kindergartens named after him. The icon of all generations...
From his childhood tested under the blows from his father , at the birth of his binoculars passing through his romance with Claude Berri , are terrible accident and his special friendship with Chantal Goya , (re)discover the crazy and moving moments of the busy life of Marlène Jobert.

A child beaten by her father

Marlène Jobert grew up in Algiers, brought up 'the hard way' by a military father in aviation . The family then settled in a small village in Côte d'Or, where their mother runs a coffee shop . From her childhood, the actress does not keep only good memories, far from it... She is a long time beaten by her father . ' At the time, we didn't raise our children, we watched them. It wasn't abuse, but the beatings were unfair. (...) With my brothers and sisters, he later showed himself to be more lenient. I still keep in me the humiliation of a spanking that he administered to me when I was almost a young girl “, she confided in Gala .

It is moreover for run away from his family that she loses interest in school and chooses to turn to comedy. She ends up obtaining the agreement and even the financial support of her father to to go to Paris and try your luck.

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Why Yves Montand didn't like him

In 1963, she made her stage debut alongside Yves Montand , especially in the room Thousand Clowns . But the budding actress comes up against the comedian's constant bad mood, who is annoyed that she has repeatedly refused his advances , as she recounts in her autobiography Kisses of the Sun at Plon Editions: ' Yves Montand was a big disappointment '.

She wanted to save the skin of Chantal Goya

Several years later, Jean-Luc Godard comes across a photo of her… and immediately decides to give her a role in his film Male Female . The beginning of the consecration for Marlène Jobert, who shares the poster with Chantal Goya .

In filming, the young actress does not hesitate to risk her place to lend a hand to the future singer for children. At the time, the latter wished hide your pregnancy , but must turn a nude scene … Hard to hide her curves!

So Marlène Jobert decides to straighten her hair to pretend to be her friend , since the scene must be shot behind a glass door. the subterfuge could have worked, but Jean-Luc Godard immediately catches them red-handed! Good try...

She lived a romance with Claude Berri

In the early 60's, Marlene Jobert falls madly in love with young actor Claude Berri . ' He was funny, sensitive, his lively intelligence and his overflowing imagination impressed me. We settled in very quickly when I was only 22 and he was 28. “, she recalled in Gala .

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A 'horrible' scar

A terrible event darkens the picture of her idyllic romance. In 1962, the lovebirds are victims of a car accident at Ile-Saint-Louis, in Paris. His head is literally thrown against the windshield .

Fortunately, both come out alive, but Marlène Jobert keeps a deep scar on the cheek . ' I thought I was going crazy. It was horrible. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror anymore, I had a 12 cm scar. I thought I would never get out of this nightmare. Cosmetic surgery saved my life “, she tells Paris-Presse .

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A couple with VGE?

The actress meets Valéry Giscard d'Estaing in a restaurant in Tunisia, in 1972.” We were seated as a family. The Minister wished to invite us to his table. Marlene kindly refused. At the end of the meal, he invited himself by our side “, says the brother of the actress in the show One Day, One Destiny .

That evening, a journalist lurking in the shadows witnessed the scene... and launched the rumor of a liaison between Marlène Jobert and the one we nicknamed Valéry Folamour !

Two years later, when the vehicle in which VGE is traveling hits the van of a milkman, the police arrive, the journalists too… and they claim to have seen the actress in the car of the President of the Republic. As much unfounded rumors , according to the main interested party who has denied several times.

Marlène Jobert, Johnny's 'Lady Lucille'?

Some also wanted to believe that Marlène Jobert was the famous 'Lady Lucille' from Johnny Hallyday , his secret love. But the former actress, who knew the rocker well, denied the allegations in Gala , in 2018: ' We had affinities, we didn't need to talk to each other. I was very touched, but this friendship did not have the opportunity to flourish '.

Who is the man of her life?

In 1976, Marlène Jobert went to a dental surgeon's office, Walter Green , for treatment. But this one, not very interested in rhinestones and sequins, does not recognize the famous actress.

She then falls under his spell … ' The first time he invited me to the restaurant, the whole room recognized me and was whispering as they looked at us. He couldn't believe it. With as much modesty as possible, I explained to him that I was a bit famous “, she told the Inrocks .

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Talent runs in the family!

In 1980, Marlene Jobert and Walter Green become the happy parents of dizygotic twins , Eva and Joy. The first one, Eva Green , is now a renowned actress, like her dear mother, and the second cultivates discretion and lives in Italy.

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' They love each other very much but don't always understand each other . One is an artist, her head in the clouds, the other is Cartesian, she lives in Tuscany with her two sons, Giulio and Vittorio, and her husband who is at the head of a viticulture company. “, explained Marlène Jobert in Gala .

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But in the family, Eva Green is not the only one to have walked in the footsteps of the 80-year-old actress… Marlène Jobert is the aunt of the singer and actress Elsa , daughter of his sister Christiane Jobert, as well as actress Josephine Jobert, daughter of his brother Charles Jobert. The comedy bug is spreading fast among the Joberts!