Mario (Star Ac'), loser against Jenifer and upset candidate in Beaune

Mario Barravecchia, finalist of the first edition of Star Academy, is embarking on a bold new project. Indeed, Jennifer's friend and competitor has announced… his candidacy for the 2020 municipal elections. The singer, who hopes to take the head of the town hall of Beaune, however encounters a major problem…

  Mario (Star Ac'), perdant face à Jenifer et candidat contrarié à Beaune

Exit the song, make way for politics. Less than a month from municipal elections , many personalities enter the race. Whereas Jean-Marie Bigard has joined Marcel Campion's list for the mayor of Paris and that Francky Vincent entered the running for the town hall of Moissy-Cramayel in Seine-et-Marne, it's the turn of Mario Barravecchia to dabble in politics.
Emblematic candidate of the first season of the Star Academy in 2001 , Mario had lost in the final against the beautiful Jennifer . Despite this defeat, the singer, 43 years old today, has multiplied projects: an album, a brief career as an actor, the creation of the essential Côte-d'Or Festival Song. Only one string was missing from his bow: politics!

Mario Barravecchia: ' I want to develop the cultural offer of Beaune'

Indeed, the former singer of the Star Ac' decided to try his luck at the municipal elections in mid-March and aims to take the helm of the town hall of Beaune, in Burgundy , where he has resided for 16 years. 'I deeply love our city, where I have lived for many years, father of three children educated in our town: my life is undeniably Beaune' , he announced in January in a press release.

Jennifer's ex-boyfriend tops the list Act, the constructive right and is accompanied by specialized running mate in several domains. According to Tele-Leisure , Mario Barravecchia can count on the economic advice of a member of the Chamber of Commerce, on a former police officer for security issues and on the president of an association dedicated to early childhood for education issues.

The Belgian-Italian artist is full of ideas for give a second wind to your community . Asked by Entertainment TV , he said: 'Beaune is a city rich in resources, with a lot of tourists from April to November. But then nothing happens there. I want to develop the cultural offer with winter festivals of electro music and humor, as well as a real Christmas Market worthy of the name with Ferris wheel, ice rink, etc.'

Mario Barravecchia, held back by his origins

But these beautiful projects may never see the light of day... Indeed, of Italian origin, the candidate does not have French nationality and therefore does not meet the criteria required to run. A nationality for which the father of three children has been fighting for two years and which has always been refused to him.

But Mario Barravecchia is far from losing hope. ' I have applied for French nationality and I intend to have it by the time of the election!' he says confidently. Answer on March 15 for the first round...

But another element could have harmed his plebiscite. Indeed, in 2004 the ex-singer was overtaken by legal troubles dating back to 1999. It was even sentenced to 6 months in prison in Belgium a year later, for forgery in the context of a phantom company. But can you become mayor with a criminal record? And yes ! As surprising as it may seem, a clean criminal record is not required to vote or stand for election (while a citizen who cannot prove a clean criminal record is prohibited from certain functions such as taxi driver, firefighter, civil servant, paramedic or educator). It was hot, Mario...