Marilou Berry: Who is the discreet companion (and artist) of the star of 'Marianne'?

On Wednesday September 14, France 2 is broadcasting two new episodes of 'Marianne', the channel's new legal series. In the casting, we find the actress Marilou Berry. The opportunity to learn more about Alexis, the man who shares her life.

  Marilou Berry: Who is the discreet companion (and artist) of the star of"Marianne" ?

After I promise you and My angel , Marilou Berry rubs shoulders with detective fiction. In this 6-episode miniseries loosely based on the documentary Neither judge nor submissive , the actress plays Marianne, an eccentric and impertinent examining magistrate, with unconventional methods. In this role, Marilou Berry has metamorphosed. ' I like to portray my characters. And that goes through the looks in particular. It allows me to be what I want to be and to offer different things “, she confided in an interview for TV Star . But if on the screen, the actress embodies colorful roles, in private, she leads a tidy life. .

Marilou Berry, his 'duo' with Alexis, a known street artist

As she plays the roles, the daughter of Josiane Balasko and the late sculptor Philippe Berry who died in 2019, can count on the unwavering support from his companion Alexis, a street artist nicknamed Le Diamantaire whom she met in 2017. From their idyll was born a little boy named Andy, in 2018 . ' Above all, we are a family. We are a home where everything goes well. A dad and a mom are above all a duo. In any case, we try to support each other. “, she confided in the columns of Gala.

Better known by the pseudonym Le Diamantaire, Alexis was born on July 14, 1987 in Caen. This street-artist has made his reputation by decorating the facades of buildings with his glass jewels. In an interview with Franceinfo, the artist confided in his work. ' I was a bad designer and I wanted to offer something more understandable to the street, to people. I wanted to donate something. I found the diamond to be a strong symbol , and mixed with matter, I found that it gave a real identity and something more than a simple tag: a jewel '.

' My guy looks like Keanu Reeves '

particularly proud, Marilou Berry did not fail to praise the work of his companion . ' It began by pasting mirror-encrusted painted diamonds in the streets. He now makes superb pieces always around the diamond ', she reported in the columns of It happens. Her lover exhibited at the Trace Gallery in Zürich or at the Wide Painting gallery in Paris.

But Marilou Berry is not only proud of her little boy's father's career, she is also proud of his physique! On Instagram, the actress had dropped under a snapshot of the one who shares her life: ' Yes, my man looks like Keanu Reeves '. One thing is certain, the little family is swimming in happiness...